newborn economy stay-dry cloth diapers kit

Economy Setup Kit to 15 pounds with Stay-Dry

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This kit is for anyone who wants quality diapers and covers that fit a newborn and up to about 15 pound without spending a lot and also must have stay-dry.   

This kit contains

36 diapers, 36 wipes, 4 diaper covers, 2 sets of pins and 36 Malden Mills Fleece Liners for a stay-dry feeling and a 16 page GMD How-to Booklet

Want to spend less or use cloth part time?   Just decrease the quantities.   You can get by with 24 diapers and 3 covers but expect to wash diapers daily and hand wash covers now and then.   You have to wash your hands after a diaper change, so hand washing a cover at that time is very do-able.

This kit is also wonderful for full-time hand washing, laundromat washing, off-grid living or anyone who want diapers that are easy to wash and quick to dry.   

Learn more about each component.

36 Cloth-eez Muslin Flat Diapers size Newborn

3 packs (36 wipes) of wipes:  Cloth-eez Muslin Baby Wipes.   If baby is early or small, these are your Preemie diapers.  Use 2 wipes as a preemie diaper and that works perfectly.  The fabric is the same as the diapers, so the drying time is the same, which makes things easy.   These wipes are also wonderful diaper liners or for additional absorbency.   Babies are wet people.  Wipes are wonderful.   Then, later on, these can become your washable tissues.   

1 set of Diaper Pins:  Optional, but once you learn to pin, pins are great and handy for other things too.  Pinning is not scary. Learn to use pins for maximum comfort for baby.  

4 Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap covers Size One 6-18 pounds (we think it runs smaller, 4-15 pounds).    

36 Malden Mills Fleece Stay-Dry Liners.  Made of polyester fleece, these liners provide the stay-dry layer.   The wetness is pushed through the fleece into the cotton absorbent layer underneath.   The fleece is hydrophobic, so it isn't absorbent and doesn't feel wet.  Usage tip:  Be sure the fleece stays snug up next to baby's bottom to get the pee to go through the fleece and not roll off and out, which is a common problem with pocket diapers, especially with one-size adjustable pockets that are too big, sag away from baby and thus don't work on a young baby.    

Note from Karen:  Consider not insisting on stay-dry, especially during the newborn time.  Cotton is nice next to baby. Young babies are changed so often that the stay-dry effect is not needed.  While it can be nice to have the polyester fleece stay-dry liners when you need to go an extended time in the same diaper, it's probably not needed to have a stay-dry liner for every diaper change and stay-dry fabrics really do leak more. Why? Because they are stay-dry! Stay-dry layers resist moisture. That's what makes that synthetic layer work that way. But it also means that it is difficult for a young baby to make the pee go through the stay-dry layer, which means pee rolls off the synthetic fabric and goes out. With cotton, pee is absorbed right away, which means fewer leaks. It's the same for liquidy new baby poops, too.  Stay-dry layers resist that, too, so it's more likely to right off the slippery layer and out.  Cotton next to baby will absorb that better, too.  It's the nature of the natural fibers vs. synthetic fibers.  Possibly use the stay-dry liners perhaps for overnight, but keep in mind that new babies don't sleep through the night right away.  They still eat and poop during the night so they can grow, and thus need diaper changes.  10 stay-dry liners is really sufficient in our experience.  Find this same KIT but with 10 stay-dry liners here. 

If you insist on stay-dry for every change, the kit is right and will fit much better than any one-size fits all item. The wipes and the Malden Mills Fleece Stay-Dry Liners don't get outgrown, so you keep using them all the way to through to potty learning that's a good value.   Oh, and pinning actually isn't scary.  It gives a perfect fit every time and is very comfortable for baby.  It's much more enjoyable than stuffing pocket diapers and then unstuffing a soiled pocket diaper.  Stuffing and unstuffing gets old fast - at least it did for me and they got stinky and didn't wash well at all in my front load machine. Cotton wash cleanly and easily. You can use the flats without pins if you prefer that, but pinning is really nice once you get the hang of it.

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