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Disana Silk Liners are helpful for healing rash.

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Disana rawsilk liners are said to help heal diaper rash. In addition to silk's natural anti-inflammatory properties, silk absorbs up to 30% of it's weight in in fluid without feeling damp so it does have somewhat of a stay-dry effect too. Silk doesn't like heat, so if you wash them with your diapers, they will not last all the way through to potty learning. They are silk, after all. When you wash your hands after a diaper change, also hand wash the silk liner then. Keep a bar of Kiss My Face Olive Oil soap or a similar product at your sink for this purpose and you can wash your hands and the liner at the same time. Silk releases soil easily so they do wash up quite easily. We carried these for many years ago and have brought them back by request of our customers. They aren't intended for full-time diaper use, but to be used instead of creams for times of rash for silk's reported natural healing properties. These are significantly softer than other brands I've tried. Made in Germany. 100% raw silk. 

Washing instructions: Wash by hand promptly in a mild soap or gentle wool wash product in warm water. Gently rub out soils (like spot cleaning a wool diaper cover). To dry, gently press flat between two towels to get excess moisture out then lay flat to dry. Do not put in washer or dryer.

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Michelle G.
United States

Didn't work for me

Sadly, the magical healing properties of silk didn't work for my baby. The rash didn't get any worse, but also did not have any improvement. I used these for daytime and night time with no noticeable difference. These do work as a stay dry liner, so they are still useful to me. However, I use the Babee Greens wool diaper liners every night and find them a little more practical and a litter cheaper. The silk liners are very large and a very odd size that I thought about cutting them in half (but didn't). Usually, when I change a diaper, I take the wool or silk liner out and put it on the edge of the sink to hand wash later that day or even the next day. No issues with waiting with my wool liners. If I wait too long (2 days max) for the silk liners, they start to turn orange in some places (mildew?). Anyway, I would not buy these again.

Amanda Saylor

I was on the verge of giving up on cding!

I was on the verge of giving up on cding! My girl is prone to ammonia burn from her super strong urine and yeast (since that uric acid messes up the ph in her diaper area). Pocket diapers weren't helping the issue since they don't have great airflow. I switched to (tried several and the workhorse is the BEST) fitteds and keep her coverless during the day- at home. I use sherpa inserts and they seem to be great as a stay dry layer when I'm out of raw silk liners- I bought 3 liners to start since they're pricey. They are well worth it! She has not had a yeast or an ammonia burn since I started using them! Last night they were all dirty so she went to bed in a bummis dimple diaper and woke up with terrible ammonia burn:( I'm buying more raw silk liners. I was skeptical but they really do work. If you have a baby prone to ammonia burn or yeast- get them! They're amazing. I hand washed them the 1st few times but now I just toss them in the wash. They come out of the dry soft like a thin sweater. These aren't silky silk, it's knitted like sweaters are. It does get pilly but still works like a dream:)


Wonderful, cream/ointment free, rash relief.

Wonderful, cream/ointment free, rash relief. Irritation cleared up over night. I've hand washed them but a few times they've made it through my wash routine and come out just fine. Ordering another pack today.

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