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Disana Nursing Pads  14 cm silk-wool-silk

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Size Large 14 cm, about 5.5 inches

No synthetic or disposable fiber can compare with the comfort of natural silk plus the breathability of merino wool.

Silk on both sides with merino wool inside. You can use either side so it's faster and easier to use since the silk is on both sides. Breathable, absorbent, soothing. So much more comfy than the throw away kind. They are 3 layers: silk on one side, wool inside and silk on the other side. Silk is soothing and offers the natural healing properties of silk. Wool is breathable and absorbent. They are absorbent but do not have a waterproof layer which is really nice for breathability. Excess milk will be absorbed by the wool and stays fresh longer than any other fabric (without getting that sour milk smell as quickly that the cotton ones get, in my experience). You may only need 2 pairs for the entire time if you are not a heavy leaker. These pads are really more for healing and soothing, yet they will take up some leakage. Heavy leakers might need to double up. You could use the soothing silk next to skin for the comfort and healing properties of them and put another pad over the outside for a moisture barrier layer if you find that the absorbency is not enough for you. These do not have a true waterproof (synthetic) layer thus they are very breathable. They are luxurious and soft, soothing, natural and breathable. Hand wash. Lay flat to dry. Do not lanolize. Made in Germany.

These are also nice in the late stages of pregnancy when nipples may feel very sensitive to everything. The silk is soothing and gentle. Silk is hypoallergenic and skin is very happy and comfortable with silk next to it. Some have called it "second skin". Once you try it, you will see the benefits of the silk.

disana wool silk nursing pads  closeup of silk side of breastpad disana nursing pad thickness view

compare wool nursing pads Size large 14 cm shown

gots Link to disana brand brand page.

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These are so comfortable!

These are so comfortable! I accidentally washed one with babies clothes and it totally shrunk but it is still usable just thicker and smaller around. I like these for when your nipples are sore in the beginning because they are thicker and don't put pressure on your nipples like the bamboo/pull ones I bought elsewhere. I found that because they are so soft they don't leave a noticeable line under clothing either. Love them!


I LOVE these pads!

I LOVE these pads! Mine also got somewhat misshapen after washing. I thought I followed the instructions properly but they still are oblong now. I actually like them better this way as they seem to fit better in my bra and not be noticeable like the other round cloth pads I've tried. I have used these since my daughter was born and I barely had any trouble with sore nipples! She is my fifth and since I've BF all of them and had the least amount of cracked and sore nipples, I swear it's because of these nursing pads. They are so soft and absorbent! I suggest ordering two pairs right away. I just ordered a second pair since I've misplace the first pair. They ship so fast from GMD that I'm sure I'll get them before I find my other ones. Great product! I highly recommend them!

Geneva Arness

I love Disana products, but these nursing pads where not usable for me.

I love Disana products, but these nursing pads where not usable for me. While the silk and wool is very nice, after the first time of hand washing, the pad became badly stretched and I wasn't able to shape it into a circle. It became a long oval shape and I found it very awkward to wear. GMD Response: Our pads come with washing instructions that guide you to not wring them or roll them between two towels, since that can mis-shape them. Instead, please lay them flat between two towels to gently press out any extra moisture, then lay flat to dry. Laying them flat will keep them in their proper shape. It is good to be aware of not wringing them hard or rolling them so that they will stay in their proper shape since they are wool and silk. When you purchase any wool or wool/silk items from Green Mountain Diapers, you will automatically receive a 2 page instruction guide for wool use and care which is very helpful. The same 2 pages of information also appears in the GMD How-To Booklet which is free with your order when you add it to your cart.

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