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Blueberry Capri Size One-Size with snap closure is a diaper cover with stay-put flaps. Made in USA.

One-Size (also called Size 2): 12-35 lbs    Waist: 15-23 inches, Thighs: 6-13.5", Rise: 15-19"

Stock Status: In Stock. Usually ships the same or next business day.

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This One-Size diaper runs quite large on a 12 pound baby but fits well beginning at around 4 or 5 months old or 14+ pounds at the smallest rise setting. It may fit to 40 pounds at the largest setting.

Size One-Size is the same as the Coverall, but this has the inner stay-put flaps and the Coverall does not.  The patterns are the same except for the inner stay-put flap difference. 

The cover is designed for tucking a diaper under the front and back flap. This is nice to help hold a trifolded diaper in place and it also keeps the PUL away from baby since the knit fabric is there on the flaps. But just because it has flaps doesn't mean you have to use them. You can still use this over fitted diapers or fastened prefolds! In a way, having the flaps there is the best of both worlds - wipe-clean and covered PUL. The part of the inside of the cover that is most likely to touch baby's skin is where the flap is, so that's nice. Yet the main part of the inside of the cover is exposed laminate which doesn't pick up moisture like the knit part can, so you may be able to re-use this through a few more changes than a true covered PUL cover. So it's not exactly a true wipe-clean but, like the Flip (Flip runs a bit smaller at the hips than Capri), it's mostly a wipe-clean cover. See the inside of the cover. The prints are really adorable. 100% polyester. Great for day or night. Roomy inside for adding doublers. These are high quality covers and are made in USA.

Don't worry about the tag names that you can read in the pictures. We use the same picture of the outside for both Capri and Coveralls.  You will get what you order so disregard the tags that you can read in the pictures.

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Also available in a smaller size Newborn Capri (Size 1) for newborns.

Compare to Blueberry Coveralls.


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Elisabeth Schafer
San Antonio

I may be new to covers but not cloth diapers…

My son is 2.5 yrs old and is now potty training but a few weeks before potty training he had grown out of all his all-in-one diapers. This left me in quite a predicament. With another baby on the way and also noticing that some of my all in ones were starting to wear out, this caused my to rethink how I cloth diapered completely. I got a few of these covers to try on my son. I chose this kind because I love that it has an inner flap to either hold a prefold in place or simply keep his skin from touching the PUL. It's too hot here to have the waterproof part right on his skin. I was shocked at the fit and how great the quality was of these covers. He still has room to grow!! This cover along with. Few prefolds is changing the way I will cloth diaper my next baby. All in ones don't fit newborns and now we are proof that they don't go to potty training but this system will. I plan on using just wool covers and these blueberry Capri covers from newborn to potty training with my next baby. I did get a few of the size one Capri cover for the new born stages. This is an excellent cover and the first one I reach for. The only thing I don't love is that I also like hoop and loop closures. They are easier for grandparents and sitters in my experience. So I got a few others just to try, thirsties both snaps and hook and loop and a flip. Hands down I love these way more. Spend the extra few dollars and start with these. You are already saving a ton by choosing to cloth diaper anyway. Another feature I love about covers in general is that you can wash the diapers and covers separately. This means you can really get your diapers clean without sacrificing your covers. The PUL is not absorbent so it will not have a stink issue. I have to use a little bleach every now and then as a disinfectant because my water has zero chlorine in it. But I don't have to expose my covers or the elastics to that. Win, win!! Love these covers!!! You will not be disappointed!!

Samantha Marrs

Absolute favorite cover.

Absolute favorite cover. So adjustable to fit. Flaps secure prefold in place. Works well over fitteds as well.


This is my favorite diaper! The quality is amazing, and I love the inner flaps that keep the prefold in place (which my husband really likes because it's easy for him), but they also work really well with workhorse diapers.

This is my favorite diaper! The quality is amazing, and I love the inner flaps that keep the prefold in place (which my husband really likes because it's easy for him), but they also work really well with workhorse diapers. The other great thing about these covers is the double vertical snaps (:) give a nice tight fit around the waist.


If you are using prefolds this is the best cover possible.

If you are using prefolds this is the best cover possible. I purchased these in the size 1 for our newborn to use with the orange edge prefolds and I love how easy this is. As many dirty diapers as our newborn has had, we have never had a blowout or leak onto clothes, the cover contained everything. I have used Bummis pull on cover with workhorse diapers for our older child which I love, but if you're using prefolds the flaps on the Blueberry Capri make this a great combo. We purchased 4 of the size 1, but I wish we have purchased 6-8 and I will come back and order 2-4 more if we have another child. We are going to be ordering more of this cover in size 2 to use with yellow and red edge prefolds. We have also used Thirsties with prefolds and they are ok, but Blueberry blows them out of the water with the strength of their gussets and the diaper flaps. Cannot say enough about these, wish I would have spent the extra money and purchased these in the size 2 instead of the Thirsties Duo.


Went with size 2 for my chunky baby.

Went with size 2 for my chunky baby. When put on correctly there are no red marks. We use with the red cloth-eez prefolds and so far no leaks. Although I have done my research I am fairly new to CD. This diaper with a prefold is a no fail for us. I also feel like it is a very good quality of fabric. I am able to tuck a prefold into these much easier than my flips and I feel like they the prefold is much more secure. Snaps also can withstand my husband yanking on them, he is not too gentle. Very pleased with this product and will buy more.

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