Babee Greens Classic Merino Wool Diaper Covers


Babee Greens Classic is a soft, breathable and beautiful USA made Okeo Tex 100 certified merino wool interlock diaper cover.

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Small       8-18 pounds

Medium  15-25 pounds (I think this runs more like 12-22)

Large       20-35 pounds

see this on a baby

Beautiful, highest quality interlock wool.  I love the snap-side styling! Side snaps provide great coverage for no leak diapering, and I think it's very comfortable for baby because nothing is tight across the tummy area. There are several snap adjustments at the leg and waist for a custom fit. Made of Oeko Tex 100 certified merino wool. The snaps are reinforced with a small section of hidden cotton facing between the two layers of wool, thus the snaps are reinforced.  This way the snaps stay strong over the life of the cover. The wool is jersey knit so it is stretchy and since it's merino, it is soft and comfy. I keep saying "comfy" when talking about this cover! While this style of cover is trim for daytime use, it does work decently overnight for some babies. You might want to size-up for overnight use if in the upper half of the recommended weight range. When it is time to wash it, please wash by hand in a proper wool wash to keep it soft and in shape. Made in the USA. This cover is terrific because it's so soft and cool inside because wool breathes.

6 weeks old 14 pounds  See this on a baby.

Link to Babee Greens Wrap Style version. 

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Emilee R.
Chapel hill, North Carolina

Great wool cover for night!

I love this cover! I am a big fan of wool for naps and especially over night. It feels buttery soft and seems so comfortable for baby as well. I gave it a rinse and it was ready to go! No prep work (lanolinize) or break-in period like the disana covers. It is worth the every penny!

Patrycja D.
United States


Soft and wonderful. I adore wool.

Cassandra Hopkins

These are hands down my favorite cover, and I use them exclusively.

These are hands down my favorite cover, and I use them exclusively. I started with a medium when she was about 10lbs, and it fit great. She is now on the second set of snaps at about 16lbs. I have never had a leak, and I find them so easy to care for. I did dye mine with kool-aid, because I wanted some color, and they turned out gorgeous! I use them with flats in a happy anteater (origami) fold. My girl is very sensitive to moisture and pul, but these covers with a flat and a Malden mills fleece liner have kept her rash free.

Heather Hastings

I absolutely adore these covers.

I absolutely adore these covers. I used polar fleece covers, in a similar style with velcro, on my older kids 11 years ago and I was so excited to try wool this time! I was convinced I was going to adore all of the cute little woolies and pull ups. I tried Lanacare because they were so highly regarded and Disanas because they are so pretty and supposedly bulletproof, but I found myself coming back again and again to this cover. The elastic at the leg really helps hold things together there and reduces the number of leaks. They are also less fragile to wash and I don't worry about them stretching out. They are soft as can be and so comfortable on my baby. They have a much slimmer profile than the Disanas and don't make my baby as hot. They also dry quickly. We have a big babe at twenty+ pounds and four months old. We are on the smallest snaps of size Large with plenty of room to grow. I bought three and switched exclusively to this cover. Completely worth the price.


I recently had my first baby a few months ago and decided to go with cloth diapers and wool covers after extensive research.

I recently had my first baby a few months ago and decided to go with cloth diapers and wool covers after extensive research. I started with 3 different wool covers from 3 major companies to test out, and then figured once we needed to size up we would stick with the one that worked best. This cover is hands down the best one we purchased. It is thick and absorbent, but not so thick that my daughters wooly booty can't fit in her baby onsies. It is very absorbent, and has only been lanolized maybe 3 times in the past 3.5 months. My baby started sleeping through the night a few weeks after she was born (yay).. so needless to say 10 hours of sleep makes for a very wet diaper! This cover did the best job containing the moisture and keeping her and the bedding dry. These covers also rarely need to be washed, in fact I essentially only was them when they get poop on them. Otherwise if they are a little damp from urine, just hang them on a drying rack for a few hours and they will be ready to use with no detectable urine scent. The few stains we have gotten on the cover from poop blow outs have come out after a little scrub with the wool wash bar and a little sunning. (Just make sure you treat stains sooner rather than later). Lastly, these diapers have great coverage and look great. They are tight enough around her thighs that nothing leaks out, but not so tight they are leaving marks on her legs. Also, these covers are super soft, in case you are worried due to them being wool- don't be. They are very soft and work fantastically!

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