Babee Greens Merino Wool Diaper Covers


Babee Greens Merino Wool Covers  - A great fit on baby.


pad fold prefold diaper in wool cover   If you want to pad fold your prefold in a wool cover, this is the right cover for that style of diapering.   Understand that messes are more likely to get onto the wool if you don't fasten the diaper underneath it, but it can work because the fit of this wool cover is trim enough to hold it in place.  This is a really nice setup for breathable and natural cloth diapering.   Size Large Babee Greens Classic wool cover with a size medium Cloth-eez prefold made of organic cotton.

babee greens newborn 3 weeks old in size small over a newborn Workhorse diaper

6 weeks old 14 pounds Size small on 14 pound a very big 6 week old baby

wool snap diaper cover on baby Size small on 4.5 month old 13 pound 9 ounce baby. This fits nicely.

baby greens wool babyMedium on 4.5 month old 13 pound 9 ounce baby, same baby as above. It works but is big on him. Because the cover adjusts well, it doesn't really need to fit perfectly to work well.

babee greens wool diaper cover on baby

5 months old in Babee Greens Wool diaper cover size medium 5 months old, 16 pounds in size medium

babee greens wool cover on baby wool diaper cover on smiling baby 7 months, 20 pounds size large

babee greens classic wool cover on a baby

babee greens wool on toddler Size large on a toddler. This is the same exact cover on the same baby in the above picture almost a year later. It's still going strong and still in great shape.

I love the snap-side styling of the Classic Diaper Cover! Side snaps provide great coverage for leak-free diapering, and I think it's very comfortable for baby because nothing is tight across the tummy area and it stays on. There are several snap adjustments at the leg and waist for a custom fit. Okeo Tex 100 certified merino wool.  The sewing thread is natural fiber cotton also, not synthetic as most items are.  Babee Greens brand is a notch above the rest. Each cover is small batch cut and individually made with care in North Carolina. the snaps are reinforced with a small section of hidden cotton between the two layers of wool, thus the snaps are reinforced, which is needed for soft wool. It's a natural fiber reinforcement, not a synthetic and it works great. This way the snaps stay strong over the life of the cover. Of course, it's still important to use care when snapping and unsnapping as it is with all snap products of all kinds.

The wool is jersey knit so it is stretchy and since it's merino, it is soft and comfy. I keep saying "comfy" when talking about this cover! While this style of cover is trim for daytime use, it does work decently overnight for some babies. You might want to size-up for overnight use if in the upper half of the recommended weight range. Made in the USA. This cover is terrific because it's so soft and cool inside because wool breathes.

Please hand wash. Detailed instructions will be included with your order.

Newborn  6-12 pounds

Small       8-18 pounds

Medium   15-25 pounds (I think this runs more like 12-22)

Large       20-35 pounds

XLarge    30+ pounds