Wool Moisture Protection Mattress Pads

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wool puddle pad  wool puddle pad thin wool mattress pad Folded up to show you how thin (and therefore comfortable) it is.

Keep your family bed dry naturally with untreated wool made in the USA. No formaldehyde, bleaches, dyes. Wool keeps your bed dry and is comfortable for baby and you because it breathes. Put one of these in the middle of your bed where baby sleeps, under the sheet. The picture shows a queen size bed with the crib size puddle pad on it. Hopefully you won't have too many diaper leaks, but just in case of an accident, this keeps your bed protected. Synthetics are sweaty. If I wouldn't want to sleep on a vinyl pad, I don't want my little baby sleeping on vinyl, either. Your baby will sleep better with wool underneath, and that means you will sleep better, too (that's a major plus!). Another thing that makes this a very worthwhile investment is that is is useful for many years. I have one on my 5 year old son's twin bed, just in case. It's so totally comfortable, I don't plan on taking it off anytime soon, although he's been nighttime dry for ages now. Just air out the wool pad if it does get moist. Washing is rarely needed. We recommend Eucalan if you need to wash it at some point. If your baby sleeps on a synthetic crib mattress, this crib size pad fits perfectly under the sheet and provides a layer of breathablility, thus more comfort. It is a must-have if you have a natural mattress. Wool is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Better sleep for everyone is a worthwhile investment. Great for chemically sensitive individuals, or anyone who wants a healthier sleep environment. This is not chemically treated or felted like the cheaper wool pads are. I purchased every brand of wool puddle pad I could find to test them, and these are the ones that really I like best because they work so well. Please note that all bedding items are not returnable by law unless unopened. Made in USA.

Soft, comfy (no crinkles) and not sweaty. I have one on each of our wool beds in our house. I don't actually wash them but once a year I just shake them off to get any dust off and air them out for an hour and back on the bed they go. That's easy. They are machine washable on gentle, but that is really not practical because it's big and takes a while to dry. I suggest spot handwashing if soiled, but the sheet over it keeps it nice. Dampness really does just air out. If you expect a lot of heavy wetness such as bedwetting, use some extra absorbency between this and the sheet, (on top of this wool pad but underneath the sheet) such as a cotton blanket or a towel. That way you won't have to wash the wool and the cotton blanket will take up the flood and the wool will keep the moisture from going though and not have to absorb much so it will dry out quickly. The cotton blanket will wash up and dry easily so this really works well to protect your mattress and still be easy, comfortable and breathable. That is helpful or needed only if a lot of moisture is expected. With wool there is no sweaty waterproof fabric and no outgassing. No sulfuric acid used in cleaning the wool, no mothproofing. Twin size and larger do have straps at the corners for an easy and secure fit on your mattress but straps are not needed on the smaller sizes. It does not shift.

Here is the manufacturer's information:

"A naturally liquid resistant extra soft felted wool pad to keep your mattress protected! Made with untreated ecowool from the USA and felted using strictly water. Great for keeping your baby mattress extra safe from most kinds of liquids or stains. The moisture pad is thinner and softer than the puddle pad due to it being slightly more felted. Although the wool used is not certified organic, we have found the wool to be of equivalent purity to certified organic wool. Minimal washing is needed due to the natural bacterial and mold resistance of wool. Machine wash on delicate and hang dry. Clean only when absolutely necessary. Add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the load to increase softness. This pad lays flat on top of the baby mattress. Once the sheet is placed on top of the pad, shifting should not be an issue. We do recommend using this pad in conjunction with a cotton quilted pad for ultimate protection and ease of use (the cotton pad would absorb the liquid and is machine wash and dry). It would go on top of the moisture pad but still under the fitted sheet(so the order would be from bottom to top: mattress, wool moisture protection pad, cotton pad, and then fitted sheet). These unique moisture pads are made from untreated wool from USA free range sheep. The sheep are not treated with antibiotics or hormones. They free range graze on lush fields that is not treated with pesticides or herbicides. Made in San Diego, CA."

wool crib pad

I poured some water on this for the picture above. It beads up. Then I soaked up the water with a cotton diaper and viola! The wool hardly even feels damp at all, and the mattress underneath stays dry. Wool is the most wonderful thing! You'll wonder why people bother with smelly vinyl pads that are sweaty and don't breathe. Wool breathes. Wonderful!

This is very nice to have. A one-time worthwhile investment. You keep on using it for many years, even after the child is night trained, for just in case.

If my preschooler has a pee accident, I just take off the bedsheets and let the wool air in place while the sheets are in the wash. Honestly it stays fresh and does not need washing. If it gets stinky because it gets too wet too often then you'll need to wash it. If it's getting that wet then add a towel or extra sheets over the pad but under the sheet, then the cotton will do the absorbency (like a diaper) and the wool will just need to do it's normal job of resisting and dampness-catching which dries out to fresh. Thus it won't need washing. Really, I don't wash mine. I use it right out of the package and just shake and air it out once a year. That's it.

queenpuddle.jpg (14923 bytes) A CRIB size is shown here on a Queen size bed

Twin size and larger have corner straps.

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