Paper Towel Alternative

Made of organic cotton. Two layers of birdseye weave.

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Many ways to set up your washable cotton kitchen cloths.

Paper towel alternative cloths in the kitchen

 Cloth is great for many things. But sometimes disposable paper towels are a better choice. Bacon grease?  Raw meat messes?  Choose disposable for that.  Water on the counter, drying off hands and dishes and more, choose washables for that.  It is ok to have both on hand. You'll cut way, way down on disposables when you have your cloth handy.  You'll find your balance.  I will use cloth for coffee spills.  I'm not worries about a little staining. Some staining is fine with me but once in a while I'll add some oxygen bleach and when I'm really motivated and the weather is cooperating, I do sometimes lay them all over the deck to get sun.  The sun really does lighten stains.   Ok, maybe I manage that just once or twice a year, but it does work if I do it.  

kitchen cloths in a drawer

Have a place to put them until wash day. Let them get air to dry.  Don't store in a dark damp place you could end up with mold.  Air is good.

Paper towel cloths ready to wash

paper towel cloths on the counter

paper towels and kitchen cloths on a counter

paper towels   These take up valuable storage space.

cloths in a dryer

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