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FREE POSO diaper cover with order over $90.00 when you add it to your cart.  Choose your size and add it to the cart and it will come up free when the order is over $90.00. 

Coupons cannot be combined.  If you need to use 2 coupons, place two orders in a row.  We will manually combine and them into one order and if appropriate, refund shipping if charged at the free shipping threshold. 

Use Coupon Code LEAKFREE for a discount on Cloth-eez Inserts and Cloth-eez Cotton Doublers (white or organic) -  (does not apply to Cloth-eez Hemp Doublers)

KITS have a discount built in and typically coupons do not apply to kits. 

Only one code can be used per order.

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Don't believe what you see on coupon code sites, honey and others.  Many of them are fake codes and that makes for a disappointing experience.  Coupons for Green Mountain Diapers do happen from time to time but we don't up-price to mark down. We are small family-owned business, and not at all a giant corporation. We are 7 people, and 5 of us have the same last name. We have 3 generations of our family plus two long-time employees working very hard to bring you the best of natural cloth diapering products since 1998.  

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Link to everything that has some kind of a discount or sale 


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       Where do I put the promo code?   Click the Checkout button to get to the checkout page.  The place to put the code is there.   


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Special instructions for Paypal and Apple Pay on MOBILE

Get the code in first and then go back to choose Paypal or Apple pay.

Those methods on a mobile device bypass the place to enter the code so you have to get the code in first or choose a different payment method if you want to use a code:


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Quantity Discounts on some items

The BEST PRICES that you can find are here right up front.

We do not mark up to mark down. That's fake pricing and we don't do that.  We price things right and fairly. 

You know you want to cloth diaper. You need enough diapers on hand to actually do it. Stash up with great savings. 24 years experience - serving cloth diapering families since 1998. Buy with confidence at the very best prices allowed. Thank you for supporting our family-owned business located in Brattleboro, Vermont. Small businesses are still the backbone of the USA. We appreciate each order and we thank you!   


 Look for kits, which have discounts built in.

Cloth-eez Give it a Try Kits are a great cloth diaper deal at all times.  You can build an entire stash out of kits and have wonderful savings that way.


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