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KiCo Label Wool Boucle Blanket

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A lovely merino wool blanket or underpad made of 100% wool in a circle boucle design.  Wool breathes and does not sweat, so you stay perfectly at body temperature.


Small: 75x100 cm which is 28.5 inches by 39 inches

Medium: 100x140 cm which is 39 inches by 55 inches

Large:  140x200  which is 55 inches by 78.75 inches (which is almost a twin size)

Material: 100% wool, exclusive of edge trim.
Color: Beige.  Natural wool contains wool of many colors, variations and tones.  

Note from Karen:   I find this to be more of a puffy wool pad, not really a typical wool blanket.  It is a bit lofty and not quite as soft nor floppy as my Disana Wool blankets are, but as a wool layer underneath it stays put and cushions nicely.  For example, if you have a waterproof layer on a bed or want a natural layer over an air mattress or over a foam type of mattress, this wool could go on top of that synthetic bedding and underneath the sheet to provide a natural, breathable layer to keep the synthetic layer away from you. Not only is it wool so it is breathable, the boucle design also provides space for more air to move which can make a big difference it you experience night sweats.   

KiCo wool baby blanket with baby

Kico label merino wool baby blanket with baby toes

Size Large shown twin XL bed

KiCo Label offers sustainable and safe products. KiCo Label merino wool items have the Woolmark certificate and have been tested for quality and safety

Merino wool is not only soft and comfortable for your baby's sensitive skin, but it also has a natural breathable ability and doesn't feel cold or hard. Merino wool is naturally dirt-repellent, making it stay clean for longer and requiring less washing. 

Many babies and grown ups find wool soothing.  It's not cold to the touch. Then put a prefold down under the diaper area just in case of messes to help keep the wool clean. 

Made in Poland.

The wool is Woolmark certified. Merino wool items with the Wool Mark certificate have been tested for quality and safety.

Care: Hand wash using a proper wool wash or some simple olive oil bar soap (not a harsh detergent).  Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Do not tumble dry. Do not sun. Wool does not like heat of the dryer which will felt it. Some shedding is expected for new wool. Some shrinking, felting and pilling is normal for soft merino wool and it is the normal nature of wool to have variations in color. These are not defects. This is part of the natural beauty and the nature of merino wool.  Press onto towels to so the towels take up some moisture and then dry flat. Do not wring. Indirect air circulation will help speed drying. 

Wool does not need to be washed often. 

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