Disana Felt Seat Pad

Disana Felt Seat Pad

Small 24x24 cm  (24 cm is 9.44 inches)

Large 36x36 cm   (36 cm is 14.17 inches)

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The Disana Felt Seat Pad.  See a video comparison to get a better look at it. 

Handy for families using EC, elimination communication, or for babies in cotton diapers without a diaper cover - going coverless.

Small fits wonderfully on the children's chair, in large it is the ideal seat pad wherever you want to sit comfortably warm and soft.  Metal folding chair at the school board meeting? Make it more comfy with this. On the go, you can roll it up to take it with you.

100% wool made from recycled organic merino wool.
Please note that the colors may vary. Small color inclusions are possible and make them even more beautiful.

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