Sustainable Kitchen and Home ideas

 Kitchen and bath reusable cloths, paper towel alternative cloths, dish towels and zero-waste, eco-friendly, washable and reusable goods for home, bath, beauty and baby.

Cloth-eez Paper Towel Alternative cloths instead of paper towels - a major win in the kitchen and the pocketbook.

Thirsties Sandwich and Snack Bags instead of plastic and more sizes: Mini Snack Bag and XL Sandwich Bags

Birdseye Flats are perfect dishtowels in size Half (as are Muslin flats in Newborn)

Organic Muslin Baby Wipes are the best tissues ever. Or use as napkins or single use hand towels

Cloth-eez Mini Wipes instead of toilet paper.

Washable storage and organization products to suit your setup