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pre flat size comparison cloth diaper
Size two preflat with absorber booster

Cloth-eez Stretchy PreFlat

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Stretchy PreFlats made of two layers of 92% cotton and 8% Spandex.  The Spandex gives this fabric a soft stretch.  This is more Spandex than some others which makes. Easy stretch is less binding when you want to achieve a snug fit, yet still have baby feel comfy and able move. 280 gsm.

Size One -  17" x 13.75"   Newborn to 18 pounds

Size Two -  20" x 16.5"    15 to 40 pounds 

Absorber - size 12" x 12"  This booster is like a doubler. It is added to the preflat to boost absorbency when needed.  It can also be used as a newborn diaper or for other absorbency needs.  Two layers.

Fold it down in front or back as needed to achieve a custom fit.

No dyes.  No bamboo. No optical brighteners in the fabric.  It does have 8% Spandex. 92% cotton.  The two layers are slightly lighter gsm than some other brands and the Spandex content is a little higher, too. This gives the fabric just right amount of stretch. It's substantial, yet still "gives" easily without needing a lot of pulling pressure. That's comfy. This is the only Cloth-eez absorbency item that is not 100% cotton.  If you want stretchy that is durable, Spandex works to achieve this.  Spandex is not a natural fiber.  Spandex contains latex. Stick with 100% cotton diapers that have no elastic at all if you suspect a latex allergy.  

Machine wash/dry.  Made in Pakistan.

The soft satin tag is sewn at the back waist. Once you own something, you are free to remove the tag if you choose to.  If the tag is removed, it is completely reversible. Then when you fold down the back, you can fold it down either way.  That's handy and makes changes quicker. 

Snappi Fasteners are usually better than pins with these because they are knit.  Knits are harder to fasten than wovens and are more prone to getting little holes from pins. Wovens (prefolds, muslin and birdseye fabrics are woven) don't typically get holes from pins over time and pins slide through more easily and Snappis grip better on wovens. Knits and wovens are different things.  Knits have stretch but wovens don't stretch.  Many people choose to use pins with knit preflats and it works. Holes from fasteners aren't covered by warranty.  Preflats are knits - and knits are knits.  Everything has tradeoffs.  If you want stretch then you want a knit fabric.  Wovens can't stretch like knits can.   

Wrapping and tucking in the ends is another way to use preflats.  This wrap and tuck method is our favorite way to use them under a wrap style cover.   

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