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FREE pair of pins - request one pair with your diaper order

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One free pair per order when you order Cloth-eez prefolds, flats or Workhorse No Closure diapers, but you must put the pins in your shopping cart so that we know you want them.  We will, however, automatically send one pair of free pins when you order Workhorse in the No-Closure version.

We would like to limit this freebie to one pair of pins per order.  Pins are free when prefolds, flat diapers or Workhorse no-closure version are ordered.  Please add the pins to your cart to receive them.

If you want or need a few extra pins, that is OK. Please don't place multiple orders of over $49 just to get some extra pairs of pins.  Add them to your cart directly and we'll send the extra pins, no problem, up to 3 pairs.  This is much easier for us than manually combining orders.  That really is OK and we are happy to do that. We do want to encourage pinning.

Why send free pins? We want to encourage you to give pinning a try. Many people are reluctant to try it, but if you have the pins, you just might give it a try. Nothing beats the custom fit and comfort of a nicely pinned diaper. Pinning is not necessary but it does work.

Lubricating pins by pushing the point into a bar of Ivory soap or other bar soap before using helps any pin slide, so do lubricate your pins!

One free pair of pins per order, not per diaper nor per dozen, only when prefolds, flat diapers or Workhorse no-closure version are ordered when you add the pins to your cart.  We want to send a pair of pins for free to encourage you to give pinning a try. You can re-use the pins over and over. Please add a pair to your cart. Yes, when you re-order, you can add another pair at that time. Find the joy of pinning! I, Karen, truly love to pin. It's so cute and comfortable for baby.

These are the cheap, big box store kind of pins.  They are ok but they really are just to give you an idea of how to use pins and to discover the joy of a perfect custom-fitted pinned diaper. For the best and most secure pins for daily regular use, choose GMD Slide-Lock Pins or the Dritz Slide Lock Pins.  ALWAYS inspect all pins, snaps and fasteners before using and be sure they are properly secured.  Always keep pins out of baby's reach when not fastened on diaper. Always use a cover when using any diaper fasteners.   

Additional pins and fasteners are available for purchase here.

 ONE free pair of pins, one per order, not per dozen, will be sent to you when you add them to your cart with purchase of any of the following items:

  • Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers,
  • Cloth-eez Flat Birdseye Diapers or Muslin Diapers and/or
  • Workhorse no-closure diapers.


LEARN how to use diaper pins.

Or for your one free pair you may choose one pair from our selection of colors of standard diaper pins. These have traditional diaper pin safety heads and are easier to operate with one hand. They are nice and sharp.

As with any item you use on your baby, please inspect your pins upon arrival and inspect them before each use, just like you do for snaps on diaper covers and snaps on clothing and such. Never let pins go through the wash.

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