old fashioned flat birdseye cloth diaper
size half old fashioned flat birdseye cloth diaper
Cloth-eez Flat Birdseye Diapers Small White
Cloth-eez Flat Birdseye Diapers Size Half White

Cloth-eez Flat Birdseye Diapers - Classic White

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Beautiful old-fashioned birdseye flat diapers.  

We also have natural unbleached made of organic cotton in stock.   

Note that our white is chlorine-free, optical brightener-free and is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, certificate number 17.HPK.12333. White is easy to prep and has that classic, old fashioned look of white cotton.


Size Half   in White   for preemies or small newborns 4-8 pounds as a diaper, or used as a doubler all the way to potty learning for extra absorbency, approximate size 16" x 27" inches after washing. 

Size One-Size   in White    yellow edge stitch 6-35+ pounds. 28 x 29 before washing and shrinks to around 27" x 27" to 28" x 28" inches.   A "one-size fits most" size. The most popular size.  Shrinkage is variable and may vary by an inch or so in either direction due to the variable nature of natural cotton.  

pictures of baby in flat diapers link how to fold flats tutorial link

Also available in natural

See this on a baby

Classic flats.  Quality fabric. 100% cotton birdseye diapers. "One-Size" fits birth to potty learning, or is a one-size fits all size. Our "one-size" size is not very small at all! In fact, our "one-size" is larger than some other brands size large.  

Size Half works for preemies or tiny newborn babies. Add the Size Half birdseye to the one-size flat when you need more absorbency without the bulk of double diapering.  But if you need a lot of absorbency, doubler diaper. Double diapering is using two flats at once.  

Bidseye is a pliable, flexible one layer fabric so it not only washes and dries very easily, it is comfortable for baby. The fabric bends easily so it allows baby to move easily.   Now, birdseye is a variable fabric and they will never be perfect squares consistently with any brand due to the nature of the fabric, but these are usually reasonably square which does help make folding easier. While these are not expensive at all, they truly are better than other brands for both fabric quality and squareness. I hope you love them as much as I do. They are very nice, high quality cotton birdseye weave.

Content: 100% cotton exclusive of trim. The edge thread is polyester or nylon. The tag is polyester. Made in Pakistan. #flatsforthewin

Care: Machine wash/dry.

See the videos to learn how to fold flat diapers and see this on a baby.

FREE pair of pins is available with purchase of this item but you must add the pins to the cart in order to receive them. Free pins link.   

see pictures of birdseye diapers on babies

Please wash several times before first use. Link to more washing information.

oeko text certified

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