Flappy Nappy merino wool cover all in two for ec elimination communication
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Flappy Nappies Merino Wool All-in-Two Cover

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Flappy Nappy Merino Wool All-in-Two Cover designed for easy EC, elimination communication. It is also a nice diaper cover, too, even if you don't practice EC. Versatile and flexible fit. Ingenious design. Comfortable for baby.

  • Merino wool diaper cover and detachable belt
  • Diaper inserts (sold separately here) snap into the cover
  • Cover and belt can be worn all day unless soiled (replace wet pads as needed)
  • Patent-pending

Already have inserts or prefolds? Add Insert Adapters to your order, which convert the snaps on the cover into elastic bands that hold pads in place. Use prefold sizes up to Small or Novice to fit in the cover.  Medium or Intermediate can be used but will stick out in the front and back which works if you are ok with that.  Large and XL are much too big for using with this EC cover.  EC items are made for EC, which means change promptly.  


Newborn 0-24 months size has multiple rise snaps on the diaper for adjusting fit and also has belt waist snaps to adjust the width. It will fit most newborns from about 0-3 months (about 6-13 pounds) to 24 months. It is the same size as the 6-24 months size but the newborn version has the added rise snaps to adjust it down in the beginning.

6-24 month size has multiple best waist snaps for adjusting fit. It will fit most babies from about 4-24 months (about 15-30 pounds).  This version does not have rise snaps. 

Fiber content:

91% Merino Wool
9% Cotton
Cotton is used as a stabilizer for the snaps.
Exclusive of Elastic

NOTE: Elastic and tags go in the back for ALL Flappy-Nappy products.


Before Use:

The diaper must be lanolized (washed with lanolin) 2-3 times before use
Use high-quality solid lanolin
Use about a teaspoon
Soak, repeat until the diaper is leak-proof to your desired lanolin level

Once lanolized, care is simple:
Wool only needs immediate washing when soiled with poop
If soiled, hand wash immediately with wool wash and tepid water; hang dry
For pee, hang wool to dry overnight without washing for up to four weeks

Made in Nepal. Patent-pending.

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