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Flappy Nappies All-in-Two Diaper Cover

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This is the Cover part.  It has an inner wipe clean waterproof PUL layer with cozy outer fleece and an included belt. 

Size Newborn (0-24 months) has rise snaps and includes 2 belts: one belt is tiny for a young baby and the second belt is bigger for ages over 6 months. Very adjustable.

Size 6-24 months does not have rise snaps and includes one belt for 6 months and up.  

Cover and belt can be worn all day unless soiled (replace wet pads as needed). Unsnap the cover part from the belt part to open it up to go potty. Swing the cover part either to the front or the back as is convenient. It can unsnap from either side.  

Diaper inserts, called pads, (sold separately) snap into the cover
Designed to be used with Flappy Nappy Snap-in Pads, sold separately. The pads are the absorbency part. The cover is the waterproof part.

Already have inserts or prefolds? Add Insert Adapters to your order, which convert the snaps on the cover into elastic bands that hold pads in place.  Use prefold sizes up to Small or Novice to fit in the cover.  Medium or Intermediate can be used but will stick out in the front and back which works if you are ok with that.  Large and XL are much too big for using with this EC cover.  EC items are made for EC, which means change promptly.  

For all Flappy Nappy items, the elasticized part goes in back.  It may seem confusing here, but once you get it in your hands, you'll see how it works and it makes sense. It's a great design. Instructions included on the hang tags.

Belt: 100% Polyester
Diaper Cover: 90% Polyester, 10% Polyurethane
Exclusive of Elastic
Patent-pending. Made in Nepal.

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