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Disana Waterproof Pad
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Disana Waterproof Pad

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Disana Waterproof Pad - Moisture Protection Cover

Size  50x70 cm ( which is, after shrinkage, about 20 x 25 inches)

Size  70x90 cm ( which is, after shrinkage, about 27 x 33 inches)

Disana calls this item "Moisture Protection Cover" as the translation from German, but it's not a diaper cover. For clarity, we call it a waterproof pad - however, it doesn't have any padding, so read on.

This item is a rare find! The outer material on both sides is organic cotton and it has a thin layer of moisture-proof polyurethane in between. It feels like it is all one layer. You can't separate the layers or pull them apart. Why is this important? This means that it doesn't twist easily. It lays flat and stays flat very nicely. Some of the many uses for this lovely item:

Cotton surface means that it absorbs but moisture doesn't get through. Having absorbency makes a big difference the success of the pad.  Plus cotton feels nice and isn't sweaty. 

Breastfeeding pad: it stays flat without making lumps and bumps when you lay down to nurse baby.

Under baby pad: it's great for coverless time or anytime you need extra protection under baby.

EC pad: handy for many uses for elimination communication

Changing pad: If you like to change baby on your bed or on the couch, this is perfect under baby when on a soft surface because of its ability to absorb and stay pretty flat.

The natural cotton surface absorbs a lot of moisture. The synthetic surface of other types of pads can't do that! Wetness tends to roll off a polyester pad or pool up, but this is cotton, and cotton is not only lovely because it is natural, it also absorbs!

It is true that you can just lay an XL Prefold under baby and that is quite effective, but this is nice when you desire more moisture-proof assurance than a 100% cotton prefold can provide, plus it is thinner than a prefold. This has a bit of stiffness to it so it really stays flat very well.

This is cotton - it does shrink.  The shape is wider than most pads.

disana waterproof pad for a baby cotton This size small pad is washed and used, shown on the floor over a cotton throw rug. The cotton can pill a bit if you wash it harshly yet the soft cotton surface that feels nice. There is no comparison of the feel of the cotton surface to synthetics. Cotton feels nicer.

small Disana waterproof cotton pad on couch  Size Small 50 x 70 cm pad on a 2 seater couch for size reference

Disana organic cotton waterproof pads comparedSmall on top of large for size comparison.


Machine washable on a regular cycle. Use a mild and environmentally friendly detergent without fabric softener and avoid harsh chemicals. Decrease spin speed if needed depending on the machine and the washing mechanism.

Can be gently tumbled dry in the clothes dryer. If possible dry on “air dry” or low setting. Do not iron. Do no dry clean.

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