Gift Card

A Green Mountain Diapers Gift Card makes the perfect present and is always appreciated. Our gift cards are digital (not plastic) and are sent electronically to your email. 

If you would like to personalize a gift card for a friend or family member, please first select gift card amount, then select "Customize Gift Card" below BEFORE adding the gift card to the cart.  Otherwise a standard gift card (with no personalization fields) will be added to the cart. 

Gift cards are digital (not plastic) and are delivered by email to you (the purchaser) when your order is placed, rather than being sent directly to the gift recipient.  We do this so that you can preview your gift card to make sure it looks as you expect.  Then, you simply forward the gift card email (or just the email link) to the recipient and you're done.  Although this adds an email forwarding step to the process, it provides you assurance that your gift card will be received by the recipient.  Plus, it is also fun to preview your customized gift card (if you chose this option)!

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