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Cloth-eez® Birdseye made of organic cotton flat diapers are Oeko-Tex certified.  Save when buying in packages of 6.

Stock Status: In stock. Usually ships the same or next business day. 

We also have white in stock.

pictures of baby in flat diapers link

Sold in packages of six diapers.  Also available individually so you can try just one first.  Save when purchasing in packages of 6 diapers

Size Half   made of Organically grown unbleached cotton  off-white edge stitch, for preemies or small newborns 4-8 pounds as a diaper, or to potty learning as a doubler for extra absorbency, approximate size 16 x 27.5 inches after washing.

Size Small/One-Size   made of Organically grown unbleached cotton   red edge stitch 6-35+ pounds. 29x29 before washing and shrinks to approximately 28x26.75 inches.

Size Large  made of Organically grown unbleached cotton   off-white edge stitch 13-40 pounds. 33x35 before washing and shrinks to around 30x30 inches. 

See this on a baby and find the how-to fold flats video link.

The organic version runs a little bit larger than the white version.  Note the measurements. All measurements are approximate. 

100% cotton birdseye diapers. "One-Size" means one-size fits all and this size is also called "Small". They are the same and they go by both names. But please don't think that "small" means that it gets outgrown like size small covers do, for example. This small means that it fits birth to potty learning, or is a one-size fits all size.

We also have a special larger size called size Large. Size large shrinks to about 30x30 inches after washing and are 33x35 inches before washing. The "size large" is a specialty size and is not commonly needed and only sometimes available.

The "One-Size", also called "Small", is generously sized and is good birth to potty learning. Our "one-size" size is not very small at all!

In fact, our "one-size" is larger than some other brands size large. But our size Large is good if you happen to like doing the origami fold on an older baby but the one-size are good for most other folds on any baby of any age. I think the size large is too much diaper for a newborn and it can be unwieldy to fold. "One-size" also called "Small" is really a great size. Most will be happy with the "one-size" size from birth to potty learning.

You can add the Size Half birdseye to it when you need more absorbency or when baby is older you can double diaper. Now, birdseye is a variable fabric and they will never be perfect squares consistently with any brand due to the nature of the fabric, but these are usually reasonably square which does help make folding easier and we strive to make them as square as we possibly can. While these are not expensive at all, they truly are better than other brands for both fabric quality and squareness. I hope you love them as much as I do. They are very nice, high quality cotton birdseye weave. Easy-washing, real 100% cotton. Made in Pakistan.  Flats don't get diaper stink. You don't need to strip your diapers when you use flats becuase they really do wash up nicely and easily.

Learn how to fold flat diapers and see this on a baby.

FREE pair of pins is available with purchase of this item but you must add the pins to the cart in order to receive them. Free pins link.

 Birdseye Flat Diapers One Size

half size organic flat birdseye diaper large birdseye flat diapers

Please wash several times before first use. Link to more washing information.

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Kyrie G.
Oregon Oregon

Great quality, easy to clean

I use flats mostly to stuff my pocket diapers, but also with covers. These are by far my favorite flats that I have, they are trim, soft, absorbent, and so easy to clean and dry. They have held up very well and are very well made.

Keniston C.
Texas Texas

more than a diaper - burp cloth etc.

These absorbent cloths are perfect to drape over your shoulder so spit up doesn't wind up down your back or arm. They're fantastic for draping over carriers to block light, quick nursing coverups, even lightweight blankets. A must for every new mom.

Kinnsey S.
Minnesota Minnesota

Large Birdseye Organic flats

Quality, strong and durable .

Elizabeth M.
Florida Florida

Thoughts About Cloth Diapering

We have 5 children, but our 7 week old is the first to wear cloth diapers. It has taken about a month to adjust to using flats and pins, but I was expecting a learning curve, so that was OK. At times, it is still overwhelming to deal with the added laundry/rinsing routine that comes with cloth diapering. In general, be prepared to try a variety of diaper folds before finding the right one for your child (jelly rolling around the legs helps to contain messes). Also, size up the baby clothes to accommodate the diaper bulk. (He was 8 pounds at birth, yet the newborn outfits only lasted a week because of diaper bulk.) Onesie extenders are awesome for stretching the wear time in outfits and onesies (found on Etsy). Birdseye diapers work best for us during the day with the Babee Greens wool shorties or side snap diapers for trimness under his outfits. We like the Muslin flats with a Disana wool cover under his sleep sacks at night for better absorption, but they are bulkier. It is a lot harder to pin through a muslin flat than the Birdseye because the binding on the muslin is 'thicker.' That gets frustrating at 3 a.m. with a wiggly baby. The half flats only worked for us about 3 weeks before he outgrew them at roughly 10 pounds, but they work very well as burp cloths, so that's what they're being used for right now. Proper diaper rinsing routine takes a lot more time than using disposables. If my husband hadn't been on board, I would have given up. Read the free booklet from Green Mtn. Diaper, it is a very helpful resource I frequently flip back through. All in all, I think cloth is worth the effort to keep the chemicals from disposables away from my baby's skin, but it has required a lot more effort than the convenience disposables provide. We just ordered the Potty Pail G.M.D. recommends, I'm hoping that that will help us manage our diaper rinsing routine better. Wool covers are wonderful. They are very easy to use, just be sure to buy enough because a poop blowout and thorough cleaning will put one out of commission for about 24 hours until it's done drying. We have 7 and that seems sufficient.

Elizabeth McKlemurry verified customer review of Cloth-eez Flat Birdseye Diapers - Organic
United States United States

Not very absorbent

I got a dozen of these and a dozen muslin flats. They are noticeably less absorbent so I avoid using these. Have not used as diapers yet, just for random purposes so far (catching leaking milk, wiping spit up). Since these are less absorbent, I fold these on half twice and lay one on the changing table to catch pee/poop mid-diaper changes so I can toss it in with the other cloth diaper laundry.

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