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Disana Silk Liners are helpful for healing rash. These are liners and not doublers; they are not for adding absorbency.

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disana silk diaper liners See silk close up for detail

Disana rawsilk liners are said to help heal diaper rash. In addition to silk's natural anti-inflammatory properties, silk absorbs up to 30% of it's weight in in fluid without feeling damp so it does have somewhat of a stay-dry effect too. (Again please note that this item is not going to boost absorbency of your baby's diaper - doublers are for that purpose.) Silk doesn't like heat, so if you wash them with your diapers, they will not last all the way through to potty learning. They are silk, after all. When you wash your hands after a diaper change, also hand wash the silk liner then. Keep a bar of Kiss My Face Olive Oil soap or a similar product at your sink for this purpose and you can wash your hands and the liner at the same time. Silk releases soil easily so they do wash up quite easily.  They aren't intended for full-time diaper use, but to be used instead of creams for times of rash for silk's reported natural healing properties. These are significantly softer than other brands I've tried. Made in Germany. 100% raw silk. 

Washing instructions: Wash by hand promptly in a mild soap or gentle wool wash product in warm water. Gently rub out soils (like spot cleaning a wool diaper cover). To dry, gently press flat between two towels to get excess moisture out then lay flat to dry. Do not put in washer or dryer.

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Janice C.
New York

didn't work, area possibly worse

the liner is supposed to help with rash. i had high hopes and used it overnight within a disposable diaper. our baby's entire area, however, turned red/pink. the liners would be soaking with pee when i changed him and so the wetness would just be sitting on his skin at night. very disappointed. these were not cheap. what did help me was the trukid eczema cream. paired with diaper cream, it healed the skin, and in addition to changing to a different diaper brand (bambo), has healed a very, very bad, stubborn rash.

Tracey J.

Poor Quality

My little one wets right through the nappy with liner. I am really disappointed.

Green Mountain Diapers

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review of this product. We are sorry that it was not clear to you that this item is not intended to boost absorbency (doublers do this) but is simply a liner. Liners are used for keeping baby's skin away from the wet diaper. It is a moisture barrier not an absorbency booster. The silk liners are popular as barriers between irritated skin and wet diaper. If looking to boost absorbency please choose "doublers". Always feel free to contact us with any product concerns or questions directly at support@greenmountaindiapers.com. Thank you for shopping with us!


Really works!

We had to stop cloth at night once my son reached toddlerhood as he started waking up with bad rashes. Thanks to these silk liners we have been able to resume cloth. Hopefully the sensation of wetness will help him to stay dry through the night, and he has already had a few dry nights since we switched back.



We don't use them a lot, but really helps when redness occurs. I primarily use them at night and all redness is gone by morning :)

Michelle G.
United States

Didn't work for me

Sadly, the magical healing properties of silk didn't work for my baby. The rash didn't get any worse, but also did not have any improvement. I used these for daytime and night time with no noticeable difference. These do work as a stay dry liner, so they are still useful to me. However, I use the Babee Greens wool diaper liners every night and find them a little more practical and a litter cheaper. The silk liners are very large and a very odd size that I thought about cutting them in half (but didn't). Usually, when I change a diaper, I take the wool or silk liner out and put it on the edge of the sink to hand wash later that day or even the next day. No issues with waiting with my wool liners. If I wait too long (2 days max) for the silk liners, they start to turn orange in some places (mildew?). Anyway, I would not buy these again.

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