Disana Nursing Pads Cotton Flannel Microfibre

Disana Nursing Pads - cotton and waterproof version

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Cotton flannel with a white waterproof fabric. The label says "Microfibre" but it isn't that. It's diaper cover fabric. The German word microfibre means TPU waterproof material just like a diaper cover.  There are several layers of organic cotton to absorb milk from nursing and the waterproof layer prevents milk from leaking on clothing.   Made in Germany.


Machine washable on hot (140 F to 194 F).

Reduce spinning speed of your washing machine if it normally performs more than 1200 rotations per minute.

Use a mild and environmentally friendly detergent without fabric softener, since the fabric softener would cause clogging of the micro pores.

Do not use chlorine bleach.

Do not iron.

Dry cleaning allowed.

Can be gently tumbled dry in the clothes dryer. If possible dry on “air dry”.

We think you can hand wash them if you prefer, with any gentle soap that can be fully rinsed out.  If washing in a machine we recommend putting them in a lingerie bag so that they don’t get lost or stuck anywhere.  

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