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Disana Boiled Wool Blanket (mattress protection)

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Disana Boiled Wool Merino Wool Blanket.  Made in Germany.


 Size 1:    100 x 135 cm   which is 40 x 53 inches 

Disana Boiled Wool Blanket Size One, 100x135 cm which is 40 x 53 inches. This size is suitable for a child or small adult for use on the couch, for example, or as a big wool pad to keep things dry for EC (elimination communication) or to protect sleep areas under a sheet. 

For your reference, the surface of a twin mattress is 38 x 75 inches and the surface of a standard crib is 27 1/4 inches x 51 1/4 inches.  This blanket is bigger than crib but shorter than the surface of a twin bed, but about as wide.  On a twin bed, it is big enough to fit under the child under a sheet to work as a natural mattress protector. While the intended use is a blanket, customers tell us that this works wonderfully as a natural mattress protector.  It is softer to sleep on than a true wool mattress protector because those are quite stiff and dense, but with absorbency placed over it, this blanket acts like a big wool diaper cover for the bed.  Just like a wool diaper cover, use enough absorbency over if that is needed.  Wool is not waterproof like plastic is of course, so understand how wool works and have reasonable expectations.  For example, if expecting a lot of fluid, use a towel or whatever is needed over it and under the sheet to "diaper the bed" so to speak.  Of course, it's a wonderful blanket, too!  You can use it for years and years. I have one that is 15 years old and it is still fantastic.

  • Weight per unit area: 420 g/m².  Nice substantial weight without feeling heavy.

Lovely soft organic boiled merino wool blanket made in Germany. GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic.  It's dreamy!

Note from Karen:  This blanket is 420 g/m² while the Honeycomb knit blanket of the same slightly heavier weight at 480 g/m².  I find this boiled wool blanket to be just as warm. Both kinds are lovely. I have the boiled wool blankets on our beds and I have a knit wool Disana blanket on my couch.  Knit has more "give" and "flop" to it than boiled wool. I like the boiled wool on the beds because it stays in place really well, yet still can be manipulated as needed easily. The knit takes a bit more "doing" to lay it out in place on the bed because the knit gives and stretches a bit. But that "give" and "floppiness" of the knit is just prefect for wrapping around you and snuggling on the couch.  Preferences vary.   I love them all.  No static cling with wool!  I love that about natural fibers!  Static cling on a bed feels terrible to me. Wool is so soothing. 

Wool naturally balances body temperature, unlike synthetics. Wool rarely needs washing. It self-cleans and airs out easily. Serious soiling will need to be hand washed out, but most daily moisture issues (such as spit-up) can be promptly wiped off and it stays fine without getting smelly.  Learn about wool. Once you understand the unique natural properties of wool you will see how easy it is to care for and enjoy how lovely it is and even possibly pass it down to your grandchildren. Because this is the boiled wool version, it is sturdier than the more delicate knit version. We also have an even heavier version of this called Disana Doubleface.

Synthetic weighted blankets filled with plastic just do not compare to this.  

compare Disana boiled wool blanket to honeycomb wool blanket A quick video to compare the blankets. 

Disana boiled wool anthracite

Disana boiled wool blanket colors

Mulesing -free

Raw Material: Argentina; Spinning: Europe  Processing: Disana

Material: 100% new wool from controlled organic animal husbandry (kbt)

Hand wash only. Made in Germany.


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