Ruskovilla wool sleep sack tan
Ruskovilla sleep sack in two sizes
Ruskovilla Sleep Sack with Sleeves
ruskovilla sleep sack natural merino wool

Ruskovilla Sleep Sack with Sleeves

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Wool sleep bag with arms and two-way zipper.

Light, cozy and breathable, temperature-regulating merino wool is lovely.  I am convinced that babies soothe better in wool than in synthetics. 

Made out of 100% certified organic merino wool. No dyes! Wool is not sweaty. It neutralizes odors and doesn’t require frequent washing. Wool with no synthetics mixed in is a naturally fire-resistant material. It returns to nature at the end of its life cycle.

Certified and mulesing-free organic merino wool comes from Argentina and Uruguay.  

The merino wool used to make these is up to seven time finer than Finnish sheep's wool. 

Wool slightly shrinks in the first wash and this has been taken into consideration in the sizing

Wool becomes slightly softer in the first wash which adds to comfort.  Hand wash.

Made in Finland.  No dyes. No mulesing. 

Wash by hand.

wool sleep sack

ruskovilla wool sleep sack

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