Thirsties Natural Newborn AIO Snap Bloomy
Thirsties Natural Newborn AIO Snap Cicada
Thirsties Natural Newborn AIO Snap Salmon
Thirsties natural newborn all in one cloth diaper green seafoam
Thirsties Newborn AIO cloth diaper adventure trail
Natural Newborn AIO Snap Dino-rawr
Thirsties Natural Newborn AIO cloth diaper Forest Frolic print
Thirsties Snap Natural Newborn All-in-One  (for newborns)
Newborn AIO Snap Nightlife
Thirsties AIO Snap Rainbow
Thirsties natural all in one cloth diaper for newborns snap stargazer print

Thirsties Snap Natural Newborn All-in-One (for newborns)

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New! Bloomy, Cicada, Salmon

Thirsties Natural Newborn all-in-one cloth diaper with Snap closure is made of organic cotton and hemp. Made in USA

Size  Newborn, 5-14 pounds (birth to 3 months)

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 cloth diaper on a newborn baby fig print 

In a size just for newborn babies, this is an all-in-one diaper (AIO). This means that the diaper cover part (waterproof outer) is sewn together into one piece with the diaper part (absorbent part). It goes on in one simple step - cloth diapering doesn't get easier.

Organic cotton natural fiber interior consists of 8 thirsty layers of natural fibers - 2 layers of organic cotton in the body and 6 layers of hemp/organic cotton in the soaker pads. This means that no polyester touches baby's delicate bottom.

Snap closure version offers umbilical cord snap down feature to be used while cord stump is present. This diaper is convenient, trim fitting and absorbent. It has gentle elastic around legs and waist to provide protection against leaks. (Note from Karen: The elastic is actually gentle, unlike some others that are so tight - overly tight elastics don't seem that they could possibly be comfortable for baby. This elastic is just right - tight enough to work but soft and stretchy enough for comfort). Sized specifically with the needs and comfort of a new baby in mind. 

No complicated rise snaps.  No bulky extra fabric to tuck up.  It's true that something made to adjust to fit a 28 pound baby is really overwhelminingly big on a newborn baby no matter how you tuck, snap and adjust it.  If your budget allows easy, natural and convenient, these are very nice to have.  These are the "top of the pile" really nice, luxury newborn diapers and are the best in their class and style.  If not, that's ok.  You can achieve the same thing with a two piece system diaper and cover system, such as with a Thirsties cover and a newborn orange edge prefold

Available with hook and loop or snap closure. This page has the snap closure version.

Compare to the hook and loop closure version of this. 

thirsties natural newborn all in one cloth diaper bloomy flower printthirsties natural newborn all in one cloth diaper cicadasalmon pink newborn snap cloth diaperThirsties Natural Newborn all in one adventure trail  Natural Newborn Snap Mountain TwilightThirsties Natural AIO Snap RainbowNatural cotton newborn diaper Forest FrolicNatural Newborn Snap NightlifeThirsties Snap Natural Newborn AIO Dino-rawrThirsties Natural Newborn Snap Seafoam

The back of all the directional prints is upright, which is as it should be. They are very adorable in person.

Also available in color-coordinated gift collections of 5 diapers and matching tote bags! 

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