Mother-ease Air-Flow Cover - XS and Small
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Mother-ease Air-Flow Cover - XS and Small

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The Air Flow™ Cover is a lightweight, breathable waterproof fitted diaper cover, designed to fit over Mother-ease One Size Diaper and Sandy's fitted diapers. 

Sizes XS and Small style snaps toward the front and are found on this page

Size Medium and up style snaps toward the back and are here on a different page


XS - 6 to 12 lbs - used with the Newborn Sandy's Diaper
Small - 8 to 12 lbs - used with the Small Sandy's and One Size Fitted Diapers
Medium -10 to 20 lbs - used with the Small Sandy's and One Size Fitted Diapers
Large - 20 to 35 lbs - used with the Large Sandy's and One Size Fitted Diapers
XLarge - 35 to 45 lbs - used with the Toddle-ease Diapers

Note: The Air Flow™ covers run true to size, no need to buy big.  They are designed with a roomy fit, though they do compress down under clothes nicely.  While the generous cut of the Air Flow™ covers makes them a great choice for fitted diapers, if you would like to use them with prefolds or flats the diaper must be secured first with a Snappi or pins.

It features adjustable snaps at both the waist and legs for a secure, tamper-proof fit. Gaps between the snap closures increase air flow, which helps regulate the temperature inside the diaper.

  • Cooler inside than other covers
  • Very comfortable for baby
  • Lovely soft fabric feel that doesn't abrade crawler's thighs
  • Least-marking leg openings
  • True-fit. No bumpy rise snaps 

Notes from Karen: This is the softest, nicest cloth diaper cover fabric I have ever felt.  I love it! It has a soft, silkier feel, more like a piece of clothing than a diaper cover! Excellent quality and performance.  No red marks even on sensitive skin.  The snaps-to-the-back style in size medium and up really makes for the best, most comfortable fit on my active kiddo.  Tried and true Mother-ease quality.  Mother-ease has been in business since 1991 (was that before you were born?) and they have perfected this diaper cover completely.  I think it is cute in a retro-kind of way.  The fit,  feel, function and practicality make this cover worth every penny. 

They can also be used over other brands of fitteds or fastened prefolds or flats. Follow the weight recommendations for the cover.  Not recommended over unfastened absorbency. Please use a fitted style or for other absorbency, use pins or a Snappi Fastener to secure the diaper under this cover.

XS + Small sizes Medium + sizes
snaps to the front
[snaps toward waist front design] 
snaps to the back
[snaps toward waist back design] 

Fabric content: 100% polyester/polyurethane laminate.
Made in Canada

Care: Machine wash 140° F, tumble dry low, no bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean.

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