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Boingo diaper fastener.  This is not a sale price. This is our everyday low price. The compare-at crossed out price is the regular price at a very large online retailer.  We do ship quickly, too. Thank you for shopping with us!

Stock Status: In Stock. Usually ships the same or next business day. 

Sold in pairs (a set of 2)

One size fits all.

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Use one at each side, or depending on fit, sometimes just one is needed. Pair of fasteners only. Diaper not included. 

prefold boingo boingo boingo prefold


1. STRETCH Boingo prior to first use a few times

2. Hook Boingo to side of the diaper, pull stretching gently to the middle of the diaper and hook again

3. Repeat on opposite side

4. Cover with a diaper cover (not included). A wrap style cover is preferred. Keep the fastener away from baby and do not allow baby to hold the fastener.

Made with surgical grade silicone. Phthalate, BPA and PVC free! Made in Taiwan.

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If you just tap the Boingo (or a Snappi) on the diaper without attaching it properly, then it is not on correctly and you won't like them. If you use it properly, it will work correctly. When you get a new Boingo (or Snappi Fastener), you need to break them in properly before using them. Stretch the new Boingo several times hard to stretch and soften up the new Boingo. After it has been initially warmed up like this, it becomes softer and more flexible. Then when you attach it to the diaper, it has some stretch to the material and it is easier to attach properly. Attach it so the teeth are grabbing the fabric. The teeth need to grab the fabric with a slight bit of tension on them to hold in place. If attached properly like this, then they stay put. ALWAYS use a cover over your fastened diaper no matter what brand of fastener you are using. Let me say this again. Do not use fasteners coverless. Use a diaper cover over your fastened diaper at all times. Keep fasteners out of baby's mouth (of course). Store them in something when not in use to keep the teeth safely stored away. A little paper or plastic baggie or a certain slot or compartment in your diaper bag, for example, will keep them safe and prevent them from getting lost.

Prefolds and Workhorse hold up very well to diaper fastener use. Flat diapers are better with pins than fasteners, but some choose to use fasteners (Boingos or Snappis) with their flats anyhow. Over time it can take a toll on the fabric of the flats since the grabbers do go into the fabric to hold them. To minimize wear on the fabric, always pull the fastener out to release the grippers from the fabric. Do not pull straight up on them, which will yank the grippers out of the fabric and can possibly damage the fabric. Releasing the gripper with a slight outward motion will let it out of the fabric properly and not cause problems. With a little logic and care, fasteners are wonderful and easy to use. See more pictures and a close up of the grabber teeth boingo teeth.

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Amanda M.
United States

Very sharp.

These work- but stabbed myself the first several times using them. They even drew blood... prefer the snappis. I might like them better using one for a tiny newborn.

Tiara C.
United States

My favorite

Everyone loves snappis, but in my opinion, boingos are much better. I like that there’s one for each side so you don’t have to stretch it far. They are my go to flat/prefold closer.

Barbara G.


I love gmd for my girl who's two and my son who's 4 and special needs. Large and one size fit them both.

Angela M.

Perfect alternative to small snappi

My baby grew out of the smaller snappi pretty quick and so rather then buying something else he'll grow out of, the Boingo Diaper Fastener holds his diaper together without squeezing his belly too much. Great buy!

Ashley S.


I still haven’t used them enough to give 5 stars. The teeth are very sharp and really grab the fabric. I did notice tiny holes in some prefolds where I attached it however they are used prefolds so that could be why and my snappies were used too. So I have nothing to compare it to ( new wise). They hold the Prefold well and I like using only one on workhorses. So yes they do their job well. Just be careful they are sharp.

Ashley S. verified customer review of Boingo Diaper Fastener

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