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Thirsties Swim Diaper. Made in USA.

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Size 1: 6-18 lbs  (birth to 9 months)

Size 2: 18-35 lbs  (9 - 36 months)

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Tortuga and Palm Paradise are new.  In the Swim Diaper, they will be a regularly stocked item, not limited edition.  In other versions they are limited edition but in swim they will stay.

Tortuga SwimThirsties swim diapers whales printThirsties swim diapers beach partyThirsties swim diaper whales printThirsties Swim Diaper Hala KahikiThirsties Swim Diaper Main Squeeze

• Thirsties swim diaper is a beach or pool ready version of our reliable and popular Duo Wrap diaper cover

• Trim cut and soft mesh interior allows baby to swim in comfort and style

• Thirsties signature leg gussets help keep dirty messes contained

• Hip snaps help prevent wing droop • Waterproof outer shell with soft mesh interior – no absorbency to weight baby down

• Available in two sizes to fit most babies to 35 lbs+

• Snap closures offer easy removal and adjustability for custom fit

• Cover meets the requirements of most public pools and can be used over a disposable swim diaper

• Outer: 100% polyester with waterproof TPU laminate     • Inner: 100% Polyester

Made in USA.

Note from Karen: The important thing to know about all washable, reusable swim diapers is that they are designed to contain poop. They are not thick diapers and are not designed to do much at all about pee. They are just for soil containment. This has some light padding, but don't expect a full pee-flood to be contained fully in the car seat in a swim diaper. Use a diaper when a diaper is needed. A swim diaper is not the same thing as a diaper and it not the same thing as a diaper cover. The fit is different. Proper swim diapers fit snuggly. They will not allow a big air bubble to form inside them and possibly tip baby's face down as the air rides up, which is scary. The snugger shape of the swim diaper means they don't fill up with a big puddle of heavy water when you lift baby out of the water, either. A swim diaper that fits properly shouldn't be very saggy but should fit reasonably snug to the body. We do not suggest using diaper covers as swim diapers. Choose a real swim diaper for swimming.

swim diaper inside A quick picture to show the inside and the color. More pictures

 beach party matching swim diaper and wet bag Some prints coordinate with Thirsties Wet Bags.

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Sarah P.
New York

because they are adjustable, they fit very well

I just bought a 2nd Thirsties swim diaper so that I had more than 1 available. I love them because they are adjustable, they fit very well. They will be smaller than a normal cover/wrap because their is no absorbency to fit over. They fit well without being tight, and hold everything in well. I have only used these on a toddler, so have no experience with NB or LO under 1. But when we have another one I would buy a size 1.

Erin R.

It fit well and held in solids

I totally forgot to get a swim diaper before we went to the lake this summer! Green Mountain Diapers' shipping to the rescue! In looking at the several options on the website, I chose this one because of the price point and that it was adjustable so that maybe we can use it again next summer. It fit well and held in solids (the diaper was not submerged when the diaper was soiled, so I guess I can’t speak to that specifically) and it cleaned up well. It dried about the same time as the swimsuit. I am happy with the purchase.

Amorette D.


The duo wrap is my absolute favorite Thirsties item so I thought I’d love this. From reading about it, it seemed Thirsties thought of everything. In practice, it’s just meh. The waterproof outer means it holds a lot of water outside the pool. It’s a pain to take on and off. With the tight fit (like a speedo) and those snaps, it was tough to get off. To put it on, I had to lay my son (who is 2) down; no standing option here because of how it fits. This is a big problem when my son wants to use the potty while we are at the pool. Not a problem on an infant or early walker. Overall if you have an infant go for it. If you have a walker, don’t bother. I’d opt for the new version of the Blueberry Freestyle. Some elastic and side snaps make taking it off, super easy. We paid the freestyle with a duo wrap for short car rides to the pool to avoid accidents.

Jennifer B.

Great fit

We have used best bottoms swim diapers previously and wanted to try something new and I’m glad we did. The thirsties swim diaper has two rows of snaps plus an additional hip snap for a secure fit. I love the fit and the diaper feels very sturdy.

Annette S.

Nice swim diaper

This diaper does it's job well. Even though they are supposed to fit tight the size 2 is a little small. Otherwise it works great.

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