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Thirsties Simple MINI Pail Liner

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Thirsties Simple MINI Diaper Pail Liner. Liner only. Pail is not included. Made in USA. 

Fits small wastebaskets up to 4 gallons.   14" wide by 14.5" high.  Great for keeping the diaper covers stored separately from the covers, or for daily emptying to keep odors at bay.

Thirsties Mini Diaper Pail Liner. Sewn in elastic at opening. This size is ideal for storing the diaper covers separately from the diapers, or any place you need a small pail.  Fits small wastebaskets up to 4 gallons 100% polyester with TPU laminate.  14" wide by 14.5 high.  FREE of VOCs, PVC, phthalates, lead, and latex. Made in the USA.

Wastebasket liner only.  The wastebasket pictured is NOT included but is shown so you can see how it is used.

Using a pail liner decreases or eliminates the need to scrub out the inside of the pail. I never scrub out my pail, but I do put it in the sun to deodorize it occasionally. I think it is a good idea to put the pail outside in the sun once in a while if you can because UV rays really do freshen up the pail itself without any scrubbing at all.

Looking for a diaper pail? We don't sell them because any garbage pail without a lid or with a lid that is not airtight works well. Yes, I do mean NOT airtight. Airtight diaper storage is bad. The pail does need some air circulation. See also the full hamper size Thirsties Simple Pail Liner .

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