Pure-Rest Wool Moisture Protection Mattress Pad


Pure-Rest Wool Mattress Pads. Natural, breathable moisture protection for Mini Co-sleeper, Crib and mattress sizes Twin through King. Made in USA.

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$66.00 each for Mini Co-Sleeper (or just the small section of your bed under where baby sleeps),18 x 31.5 

$69.00 each for Portable Crib size, 24 x 38 to fit a standard portable crib and some play yards

$115.00 each for Crib size, 28 x 52 to fit a standard crib

$183.00 each for Twin size, 38 x 75

$209.00 each for Twin XL size, 38 x 80

$265.00 each for Full size, 53 x 75

$290.00 each for Queen size, 60 x 80

$372.00 each for Eastern King size, 76 x 80

$396.00 each for California King size, 72 x 84

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Twin XL is great for just your half of a King size bed.

wool puddle pad wool puddle pad learn about wool mattress pads

Known as "Untreated Fine Wool Moisture Pad" by Pure-Rest. Made in San Diego, CA, USA. 100% wool mattress pads. Very fine wool, 19-22 microns (this is the good kind - finer means more fibers closer together for better moisture protection, which is the point of them, after all). Moisture resistant mattress protector. Breathable. 1/8" thick, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, chemical-free, dye free, flame resistant. Made with untreated wool from USA free range sheep. The sheep are not treated with antibiotics or hormones. They free range graze on lush fields that is not treated with pesticides or herbicides.

Great for keeping your mattress extra safe from most kinds of liquids or stains. The moisture pad is thinner and softer than others due to it being slightly more felted. This pure wool is felted here in the United States to create a perfect pad to resist liquids. Softer than competitor wool pads so you don't get that itchy feeling. No treatments, no plasticizers. Natural Elastic straps in size twin and up.

Soft, comfy (no crinkles) and not sweaty. I (Karen) have one on each of our wool beds in our house. I don't actually wash them but just air them out once a year in the summertime in indirect light for an hour or so. They are machine washable, but that is really not practical because it's big and takes a while to dry. Spot handwash if soiled, but the sheet over it keeps it nice. Dampness really does just air out. If you expect a lot of heavy wetness such as bed wetting, use some extra absorbency between this and the sheet, such as a cotton blanket or a towel. That way you won't have to wash the wool. The cotton blanket will take up the flood and the wool will keep the moisture from going though and not have to absorb much so it will dry out quickly. The cotton blanket will wash up and dry easily so this really works well to protect your mattress and still be easy, comfortable and breathable. No sweaty waterproof fabrics and no outgassing. No sulfuric acid used in cleaning the wool; no mothproofing either. Twin size and larger do have straps at the corners for an easy and secure fit on your mattress. Please see more pictures and read more about these wool mattress pads on the wool mattress pads page.

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Elizabeth B.

Second purchase

Love this mattress pad. Bought the first one for our queen Tempurpedic bed. I was having a lot of heat accumulate in the mattress under me while I was pregnant, but the pad fixed that. Even better, I can’t tell it’s there. It’s saved the mattress on multiple occasions (we’ve been bedsharing for almost a year with baby), and the cleanup has been easy. Having had no prior experience with wool mattress pads, I was a bit surprised by how thin it seemed when I first received it, but it works! Just bought one for the baby’s bed, and am planning on picking up another one for the guest room.

Patricia Carroll

About 4 months ago, I bought a queen size wool mattress pad for a Tempurpedic mattress.

About 4 months ago, I bought a queen size wool mattress pad for a Tempurpedic mattress. It is wonderful. The summer nights can be warm and humid where I live, but I am extremely comfortable with the wool pad. The quality is exceptional. I should have bought it it sooner than I did. It is money well spent and I highly recommend it.


I've been using this pad for 5 years with my now 3 kids.

I've been using this pad for 5 years with my now 3 kids. I love it! Saves me a lot of laundry and makes traveling easy. I just put it on top of our bed (over our sheet) and put a blanket over it. If a diaper leaks or something in the night, I just replace the blanket and everything under is dry. I take it everywhere we travel too. Only need to air it out once in awhile and I've washed it a few times. Highly recommend it!


my husband and i sleep on a memory foam mattress and mattress pad.

my husband and i sleep on a memory foam mattress and mattress pad. i was looking for a waterproof mattress cover since i nurse in bed. a traditional waterproof mattress cover traps in the heat and does not allow the memory foam mattress to breath. we went with this wool mattress pad and it's been amazing. not only as a protectant but also regulating the mattress that can get hot {which can be a characteristic of memory foam}. it was pricey, but well worth every penny. will be putting on my toddlers bed as well. you just can't beat wool! thanks to gmd for carrying a fabulous product, as always.

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