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Cloth-eez Stay-Dry Liners

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One layer of virgin 200 weight polyester fleece with finished edges. For a feel-dry layer; not for absorbency. 100% Polyester. Made in USA. 

Line your cotton diaper with this top quality polyester fleece and obtain dryness next to baby’s bottom since it allows the moisture to go through it but it doesn’t feel as wet. It really works.

Many families have used this material in this way successfully for years. Use these for a dry feeling when the additional absorbency of the Stay-Dry Doublers is not needed. 

Color choices vary.  However, like ALL polyester fleece products (stay-dry pocket diapers would be included), the fleece is dyed. The white is dyed.  The off-white color is dyed as are the other various colors when available.  All polyester fleece of all brands and kinds is dyed. 5 inches wide by 12 inches long. 100% virgin polyester fleece. These are intended to provide a feel-dry layer next to baby's bottom over a cotton diaper, or other absorbent diaper such as hemp/cotton or bamboo rayon blend diapers, but are not for use in pocket diapers. They do not provide absorbency but just provide the stay-dry feel of a quality polyester fleece layer. They provide a layer of polyester fleece for the pee to go through but then act as a stay-dry layer keeping the wetness in the cotton underneath the fleece. Made in the USA of domestic or imported materials. 

fleece stack diaper liner

stay-dry fleece comparision comparison to typical fleece liners.  Note our current stock has matching cream color edge stitch, not pink/blue.

These liners are sometimes out of stock because we have just one person sewing them and they sell so quickly that we just can't keep them in stock consistently.   Originally named "Malden Mills" fleece liners but Malden Mills is gone and has been out of business for years, but this is the same item of the same weight and specs.  It is 200 weight high quality polyester fleece.  It's the best kind available. Machine wash one time prior to use. Can be machine or air dried.


Made in the USA from domestic and imported materials.

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