Malden Mills Fleece Stay-Dry Liners

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One layer of virgin "Malden Mills" 200 weight polar fleece with a finished edge. For a stay-dry layer; not for absorbency. Made in USA.

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One layer of virgin "Malden Mills" 200 weight polar fleece with a finished edge. Line your cotton diaper with this top quality polar fleece and obtain dryness next to baby’s bottom since it allows the moisture to go through it but it doesn’t feel wet. It really works. No long term studies have been done using polyester fleece next to baby’s bottom, but it seems to us that it’s got to be safer than chemical filled throw away diapers. Many moms have used this material in this way successfully for years. Use these for a dry feeling when the additional absorbency of the Stay-Dry Doublers is not needed. The color of these is off white natural. However, like ALL polyester fleece products (stay-dry pocket diapers would be included), the fleece is dyed. The white kind is dyed and the natural, off white color ones such as these are also dyed. We stock either white or off-white depending on availability. To the best of my knowledge from conversations with fleece manufacturers, all polyester fleece is dyed. There is no undyed stay-dry fleece. If you discover this is incorrect, please let me know right away, but my research does confirm this disappointing fact. These do meet the CPSIA requirements (Consumer Product Safety Commission laws) for not containing any lead in the dyes. 5 inches wide by 12 inches long. 100% polyester fleece. These are intended to provide a stay-dry layer next to baby's bottom over a cotton diaper, or other absorbent diaper such as hemp/cotton or bamboo rayon blend diapers, but are not for use in pocket diapers. They do not provide absorbency but just provide the stay-dry feel of a quality polyester fleece layer. They provide a layer of polyester fleece for the pee to go through but then act as a stay-dry layer keeping the wetness in the cotton underneath the fleece. Made in the USA.

malden fleece comparison comparison to typical fleece liners

The "Malden Mills" liners are sometimes out of stock because we have just one person sewing them and they sell so quickly that we just can't keep them in stock consistently.   Malden Mills originally named fleece has been gone and out of business for years, but this is the same item of the same weight and specs.  Since these liners are well-known by the Malden name, and with so many fleeces ou there that have such similar and confusing names, we have retained this name in quotes as an identifier to help clarify what the fleece specs quality actually is, even though the original named brand has been gone for years.  It is 200 weight high quality polar fleece.  It's the best kind available.

polar fleece liner 

Made in the USA from domestic and imported materials.

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Amanda L.
New York
Just enough to keep her bum dry and rash free!

I’ve been using these for my toddler who still wears a night time diaper. Her skin was getting very dry. This was just enough to keep her bum dry and rash free!

Diana J.

Super soft and big! It do not make the diaper look super huge. I am using other 2 liners and these are my favorite.

Patricia H.
United States
Nicely made and handy fleece liners

I LOVE these! My baby was drenching her prefold diapers and had a rash that would not go away. I added these to our diapers (in addition to always using diaper cream now) and the rash went away. Perhaps the diaper cream is what fixed the rash but I feel better that these protect her from the wetness of her diaper. I initially bought 6 or 7 but after we realized how helpful they were we bought another 10 so we always have them around for diaper changes. I especially like these for overnights, I feel like she sleeps longer because she doesn't feel too wet. Also, the diaper cream we use is cloth diaper safe, but if we wanted to use something not cloth diaper safe these provide a layer of protection so our cloth diapers wouldn't be affected by the not-safe-for-cloth creams.

Tristan W.
dry bum, happy mum

These are great! Very soft, wash up/dry well and keep baby feeling dry. I'm always amazed how dry the diaper feels on top compared to wet cotton underneath. They fit very well inside the sz large workhorse. No shifting or bunching.

Taren S.
Makes #2 cleanups easier, no diaper rash

Great at keeping him feeling dry even when soaked. Keeps poo manageable when I only have to spray off just this. No diaper rash or side effects after a few weeks now. Holds up in the washer/dryer. Cheap too. Doesn't add extra bulk.

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