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Bloomers Grey 50-56
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Bloomers Rose 74-80
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Disana wool baby pants lagoon
Disana wool baby pants lagoon
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Bloomers Anthracite 62-68
Bloomers Anthracite 74-80
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Disana Boiled Wool Heavyweight Pants

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These heavyweight boiled wool pants are called Bloomers in Germany.  GOTS certified organic boiled wool baby pants cut for cloth diapers made in Germany.  

Size   50-56  tag says 0-3 months 

Size   62-68  tag says 3-6 months 

Size   74-80  tag says 6-12 months 

Size   86-92  tag says 12-24 months (Sold out for Winter 2022-2023)

Gorgeous boiled wool baby pants. As with all Disana wools, they are made of 100% organic merino wool. They are soft and not scratchy like commercial wool. Wool is soothing to babies and they love it. It does not need to be washed often. Just wear it again and again and simply air it out between uses. When it is time to wash it, please wash by hand in a proper wool wash to keep it soft and in shape. Handwash only. Made in Germany. Style number 3321.

Nightworthy wool - but read this first.  I, Karen, would have loved these as nighttime pajama pants when my babies were little.  Boiled wool is thick, soft and pretty much bulletproof.  It's designed to be pants.   So even though the wool is suitable for night, the shape is really pants not a diaper cover.   So, it's risky because you must fully rely on the diaper underneath to catch everything first.   A well-pinned prefold should be fine but it can shift underneath if baby is very active at night. If it shifts, the cotton can come away from baby and thus miss catching it quickly.   A fitted diaper has a better chance of staying in place on baby and not shifting.   If you use enough cotton underneath and it stays in place, it can work.  Some may choose to use this over a diaper and cover, because the cover will help keep things in place and also keep your lovely wool from working as hard. 

As pajama pants used over a diaper and cover, it's very likely to keep those sheets dry in case of a leak - like a nighttime keep-sheets-dry insurance policy.   They are easy up and down during night changes.  For a lighter weight wool pant, consider the Disana Boiled Wool Mid-Weight Pants

Customers also love these as snowpants!  Send us your picures. Thank you!

   disana bloomers sizes 

 pants made for cloth diapers Roomy in the rear.  These are made to fit correctly over cloth diapers.

Size chart

Disana bloomers size chart

bloomers wool baby pants in rose Size 50-56 in Rose shown on Knit Blanket with Melange Sweater .

 Disana bloomers size on a toddler  Disana wool bloomers on a baby image bloomers wool pants from disana on a baby grey 


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