Diaper Cover Fabric - Custom Cut

Yard goods.  To choose how many yards you would like together in once fabric section, enter the number of yards you would like as the QUANTITY.   

That is, if you want a fabric section 4 yards long, enter 4 as the quantity then Add to Cart.

If you need just one yard, please do not order it from this page. Go here.

Fabric sections about 58" wide.

Stock Status:  Out of stock.

Enter the number of yards you need as one section of fabric and we will cut it for you. 

We purchased rolls of fabric from a supplier making pocket diapers and diaper covers, so you know this is the right kind diaper cover fabric.

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You might make diaper covers, changing pads or have other creative uses for this lovely, waterproof diaper fabric.  It is often referred to as "PUL" but technically it is "TPU", which is polyester fabric with a thermoplastic urethane heat-bonded waterproof layer.  The fabric is imported but it was laminated in the USA.  

100% polyester. Imported fabric, laminated in the USA.




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