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Cloth-eez Two-Sided Wipes - SECOND QUALITY

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SECOND QUALITY  - There may be a dirty spot or sewing errors on some wipes that can cause the two layers to separate.  Check them before you wash them.  If you find a place where the two layers are not fully sewn together, stitch it together with a needle and thread before you wash it and it will be fine.   If you wash first, you can still stitch up a place that has come apart if there are any, but it looks neater if you do it before washing.  Either way will work.

NOTE: Current group starting on August 24, 2023 is mostly affected by a small dirty spot on one end that washes off after prep washing.  We have seen very few sewing issues on this group. This is a really good group of these right now but they are still seconds.

At 50% off, and only a few or perhaps none will have the edge sewing issue, it's a good deal.   If you have more than 6 come apart in a pack of 12, just let us know and we will take care of you, but we are not expecting the defect rate to be that high.  But we do think the defect rate on this group is higher than it ought to be. 

If you want first quality, buy first quality.  Expect seconds when you purchase seconds.

Seconds are NEW in package.   They are not second-hand but are second-quality.

Picture is shown after washing, but you will receive NEW in package wipes. 

second quality wipes

layers on wipes

On some of them, the layers might come apart. Inspect and fix them first. The fabrics are still really nice.  Even if you have a fix a few, this is still easier than cutting and sewing them from scratch.  

Cotton baby wipes work so well. Terry and flannel sewn together for two choices of texture to clean baby's bottom.

Terry for the main job, and the nice, smooth, gentle flannel is great for the final touch-up details. White cotton is the best color for wipes, so you can see what you are doing.

5x8 inches, approximate measurements before washing, and they will shrink somewhat.  Thicker than most wipes.

Because they are actually two different fabrics, the sides will each shrink slightly differently from each other so expect some edge curling after washing, which is fine. I love this size, the feel, and the practicality of the 2 different sides. May fit in your wipes warmer without folding. This wipe is Karen's favorite, because I find it easiest to use several wipes per poopy change, grabbing a fresh wipe as needed, rather than folding a larger wipe over and over. These wipes are substantial and thick enough not to soak through. To me, flannel on one side and terry on the other has the best "feel" for the job. Suggested amount: 4 packs for a young baby, 3 packs for an older baby. 100% cotton.  Made in Pakistan.


NOTE:  "Second Quality" means not first quality; it means something is wrong with them and they are imperfect in some way.  It does NOT mean second-hand.  These are brand new.  

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