Wet Bag Sizes

Wet Bags Compared.

The Thirsties Wet Bag original version in Elefantabulous is the one on the left that we are comparing everything to, just to have a consistent size to compare things to. On the right is a Thirsties Natural Pocket Diaper woodland print, for a reference size.

Thirsties Wet bag size Thirsties Wet Bag, original version, single layer TPU waterproof fabric with seam-sealed seams. 

Thirsties sandwich bag size Thirsties Sandwich and Snack Bag    7x7 inches.   Food safe fabric. Smart Bottoms Mini wet bag size Smart Bottoms Mini Wet Bag    8.5" W x 5.5" H.    Two layers.Thirsties Clutch bag size  Thirsties Clutch Bag   10.5" W x 5.5" H.  Two layers.Smart Bottoms small wet bag sizeSmart Bottoms Small Wet Bag   12" W  x 8" H.  Seam-sealed and two Layers. Smart Bottoms also has MESH bags in Small Mesh and On The Go Mesh.

Thirsties mini wet bag Thirsties Mini Wet Bag   11.5" W  x 8.75" H.  Two layers.GroVia Wet bag Size  GroVia Wet Bag 12" x 12"  with gusseted bottom so it's roomier inside.  Best value.  One layer.Blueberry Wet Bag size Blueberry Wet Bag  16 x 14 x 4   (the gusset adds more room).  One layer.Thirsties Wet Dry bag size compared Thirsties Wet Dry Bag   13.5" W  x 15" H    Mesh outer zippered pocket and two layer wet pocket. Smart Bottoms on the go wet bag size comparison  Smart Bottoms On the Go Wet Bag   12" W  x 16" H.  Seam sealed and two layers.Thirsties mini pail liner size comparison Thirsties Mini Pail Liner 14" x 14" for small trash cans. (Currently unavailable) One layer, seam sealed.Smart Bottoms hanging wet bag size comparison Smart Bottoms Hanging Wet Bag  . Seam sealed and two layers.