Prefold Warranty

As with all of our products, any one or all of the prefolds purchased can be returned for a full refund (less shipping) prior to being washed. Our normal 30 day, no RMA needed, no restocking fee return policy applies.

If you are unsure of the size wash just one first. There is variability so we do advise you to wash and dry ONE diaper several times (with other items not alone of course) to get the full shrinkage to find out if it is the right size. That way if you purchased a dozen, the other 11 new diapers are still returnable if it turns out that baby needs a different size.

After washing, returns are limited to issues with the prefolds that affect their functionality. 


For example, 1) hole in the cotton material, 2) stitching coming undone on the inner (straight) or outer (serge) stitching on a side of the diaper, or on the vertical seams, or 3) a tear developing in the diaper are covered under the 90 day warranty. These issues clearly affect the functionality and longevity of the diaper. Contact us and we will send replacements free of charge. These issues are quite rare. Please do not worry, such issues are few and far between.


Minor issues (i.e. very slightly imperfect or cosmetic in nature) that do not affect the functionality or longevity of the diaper are not warrantied after washing such as a frayed edge between the corner of the diaper and the corner finish stitching. This fairly common condition for all brands of prefolds has no effect on functionality of the diaper since the fraying stops at the vertical finish stitching. The vertical stitch is about a quarter inch from the corner of each diaper. This is why the vertical stitch is there, so that any corner fraying stops at that vertical stitch and can't get past that.  It's fine. Just trim off the hanging threads with scissors and it will be just fine for the normal life of the diaper. Sample picture below:

 Corner fray is not warrantied. It doesn't get worse and doesn't affect the functionality of the diaper.

A long thread at the corner is normal: you can leave alone and do nothing. Or if it bothers you simply cut it off with scissors. It will be fine.

trim hanging threads

If a fray goes past the vertical stitch, we will replace that in the 90 day window, or any other functional problem.

ok to trim hanging threads with scissors  Use scissors to trim hanging threads.  

Please take note the pictures on the "see this on a baby" link below. You can see a variety of corners and quiltiness and pilling variations and other aspects of the normal condition of prefolds for your reference.

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Measurements after washing of the prefolds vary a bit too. Measurements given are approximate and there is normal variation of about 10%.

I am confident that these are the best prefolds available on the market and you will not be disappointed, even with these normal variances. How long should my diapers last? Please see our diaper longevity information.

Issues of defective prefolds are replaced right away, of course. Just send us an email and let us know the problem (send a picture if possible) and we are happy to help. If it is easy for you to email a picture that is very helpful so we can see the problem quickly. Don't forget to tell us your last name in the email. That really helps us find you. If you can't attach a picture through the Contact Us link, email directly to attach it. We hope you love the diapers!


Sincerely, Karen