Too Smart Cover Pictures

Smart Bottoms Too Smart V2 Cover Pictures on babies.

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How to use the Too Smart cover.

Smart bottoms too smart diaper cover bee yourself

dragon diaper cover for baby

reusable diaper cover dragon print front

aqua floral too smart diaper cover on a baby

doctor print cloth diaper cover on a baby

inside of too smart diaper cover Inside of Too Smart Cover V2.

RISE DIRECTION:  For all covers with rise snaps, be sure the rise direction is up. That is, the extra fabric folds up such that you can put your fingers up under there.   This UP rise direction makes it fit better at the front of the leg openings and makes it less bunchy. 

rise direction   This step of making sure the extra fabric is up under the snap is needed on ALL brands of adjustable rise covers and cloth diapers.   It really helps them fit as intended when you get it on the baby correctly.     


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