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snugglewool changing pad Baby wearing Disana Boiled Wool Sleeping Bag.

What is SnuggleWool?

A wonderful, machine washable merino wool blanket, with sturdy organic cotton on the other side.

SnuggleWools are soft, pure, fleece pads which are fully washable one-inch deep pile lambswool made in the USA. The wool, from the Merino sheep in Australia and New Zealand, is sliver-knit to a polyester backing and processed to withstand gentle machine washing. SnuggleWool™ products are designed for the baby to lie directly on the soft, deep pile lambswool. SnuggleWool pads are made from 100% pure, fine wool from the Merino sheep that has been hygienically scoured and treated to allow frequent machine washing and drying. The sliver knit fleece retains all of the natural qualities of wool (including absorption of moisture vapor, softness and cushioning) without requiring that the animal give its life. Manufactured by a family business in the USA.

The wool machine washes so well because it is woven over a 100% polyester grid. Use your gentle cycle. You can't see or feel the poly grid, because the wool is on one side and the cotton on the other. Using the polyester grid is important because that is what makes it possible to very gently machine wash it.

snugglewool pad

snugglewool newborn baby "Dear Karen, Just wanted to let you know that we love our Snuggle wools (and our other wonderful wool products we purchased from you) - we really appreciate how fast you ship your products and are so thankful that there is a company that is willing to accept orders from APO/overseas locations! We love all of your stuff and look forward to being continued customers for many years! Keep up the great work. Here is a picture of our baby in his snuggle wool - it's true, babies really do relax when they are in natural fibers. We love your webstore! Thanks again, L" December 29, 2010

Snugglewools have a deep pile so they are not meant crib use for a young baby. They are not meant for unsupervised sleeping for a young baby. Use as a play pad or daytime blanket.

snugglewool thirsties diaper cover "Hello Karen and everyone at Green Mountain, I wanted to email and tell you just how much we love our Snugglewool Blanket. I had wanted one but had procrastinated on ordering. When we got home from the hospital I knew I had to have it. Our son hadn't slept a night in his bassinett until we used the snugglewool under him. Now he's in it every night and it's like he is sleeping on a cloud. You can just tell he loves it. Sooo worth the money. Jill" June 14, 2011

snugglewool blanketYou will notice the Snugglewool as a background in pictures all over this site. Why? Because in my experience doing photo sessions with babies, the Snugglewool blanket really does soothe baby. I'm convinced that babies truly are happier on Snugglewool than on other blankets. It sounds nutty but I have experienced this with so many different babies over 10 years that I'm convinced it's true. Babies are calmer and happier on wool. No, it's not one bit itchy. It's totally soft and snuggly!

Snugglewool wool changing pad on changing tablePlease measure your changing table to choose your size. It can be smaller than the table surface and still work to provide the lovely soft wool under the baby.

merino wool blanketSoft and wonderful.

snugglewool babyGreat for baby, but also for toddlers and preschoolers, too. Especially at nap time under newly potty trained kids, who might still have a nap time accident. It has saved my couch on many occasions.

Now here's the same blanket (27x36 size) 1 year later, now it's 4 years old. Still holding up fine. It's a little thinner than it used to be but it's still perfectly snuggly!


snugglewool and baby

Folded in half, it's perfect on the changing table. So much nicer than those icky vinyl changing pads or synthetic polyester things that feel cold and then sweaty.  Just place a spare prefold diaper down on it when changing a poopy diaper to keep the wool clean, then wash that prefold as needed. Since it's wool, and airs out to fresh, it doesn't get yucky like the other kind of changing pads. I am convinced that babies enjoy diaper changing time when they are placed on a nice cozy Snugglewool blanket. Wool really is soothing to babies. They love it! Don't expect it to feel like polyester or bamboo. It's not slippery like that. You may never have felt real, natural wool before. It is fluffy merino wool. It is not like a scratchy wool coat at all. Natural wools are soothing, and I dare say, joyous?

We just love our snugglewools.


Snugglewool items are considered bedding items and are returnable only if new, unopened in package. Be warned that Snugglewools are arrive unwashed and new look, well, overly fluffy, or maybe look like a long haired shaggy cat. They change after washing to look like the pictures with babies! Don't expect your Snugglewool to look like these pictures when it arrives. It won't. But it will get all snuggly and lovely like the pictures after it's been gently washed.

snugglewool cotton on back side of wool blanket natural snugglewool fleece

Washing instructions are on the inside of the packaging. BUT - some of the packaging it says to use "gentle, mild soap" and I wish it said use a proper woolwash that contains lanolin. Some will think mild soap means laundry detergent, but that isn't what "soap" means. Soap means Olive Oil Soap or a gentle soap like Dr. Bronners but really the good woolwashes are even better for maintaining softness. Please don't use laundry detergent because it just doesn't stay as soft that way. Choose Eucalan Woolwash or another similar product but not Woolite or a Woolite-style product. We strongly recommend using a good woolwash that contains lanolin. We do not recommend regular or "cloth diaper safe" detergent for them because they will make them scratchy.   Keep them nice with Eucalan or a similar product.  Snugglewools are easy to gently machine wash but wool does not like heat so air fluff only to dry, or you can use extra low for 5 minutes or a short time, or do that a few times, while you watch it, but no more to hurry it up, but be careful if you do that. It will stay soft for years if you use the woolwash and wash it on the most gentle cycle you have and air fluff only in the dryer.  Do put it in the dryer before using for this short time to get anything that might shed at first off.  It won't continue to shed after the initial loose wool fuzzies are gone into the lint screen.  Yes, wet wool does smell like a sheep.  This is the real deal - merino wool.  It is not a big deal to wash and it very rarely needs washing.   

kitten on snugglewool A Snugglewool, a toy rack, and a kitten.


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