Side Snap Simplex All-In-One

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100% organic cotton inside! 

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These are the best for potty learning and elimination communication because since the are a diaper, they actually work when you need them to work.

Don't use them for overnight though because the stretchy spandex side can get damp and wick.

 Side Snap Simplex Organic Bedtime Story


Very stretchy sides!

dinos on baby 15 pounds size Medium on 3 month old 15 pound baby.

While this is truly and all-in-one diaper, we are also including it under "potty training" because the stretchy sides can make it work as a pull-up and pull-down diaper for the early stages of potty learning. It definitely is a diaper, but sometimes a diaper that can work as a quick pull-down is just the thing that is needed. Again, this is not the intended use, but depending on baby's shape and size, it sure can work this way as an alternative use.

simplex on baby Large on a toddler. The picture is blurry but it still shows the stretchy sides well. We need more pictures of this new diaper. If you would like your baby considered for this page send it to support @ Many of the pictures of babies on this site were sent in by customers.

v212 pounds in Medium. This is big right now (rise is too tall on him) but plenty of growing room.

crawling 9 months old 7 months old in Medium.

Size Medium:

simplex monkey  simplex side view all in one diaper  rear view cotton all in one diaper simplex  cute baby  side view diaper close upMedium on 14.5 pound 5.5 month old. Plenty of growing room. Trim and comfortable for moving around.

Side snap adjustments and the fabric the snaps are set into is stretchy. Really very stretchy. Also the cut is trim across the bottom. Available in Medium and Large. Made in USA.

The smallest size of Blueberry AIO diapers is Newborn Simplex.

They pull up and down on some body shapes, but on big round booty might not not work because of the fuller shape.  See the stretch:

Size Medium: 12-25 pounds

Size Large: 22-35 pounds

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