Pick Up Information

If the order is below the free shipping threshold, please use the coupon code

local pick up

in the coupon place in the checkout so that the cart will not charge any shipping on the order.  There is a space between the words local pick up in the coupon code.

Local Sales Tax:

Most of the items we sell are clothing and clothing is not taxable in Vermont. However, non-clothing items such as diaper pail liners, wet bags, wipes and Eucalan are taxable at 6%. The shopping cart system will calculate this correctly.

Some communities in Vermont have an addtional local option tax on the taxable items.  Our system cannot figure out how to add the 1% option tax by community.  If you pick up your order in Brattleboro, the local option additional tax is due on the non-clothing items but has not been added to the shopping cart calculation.  Like other small businesses, the accounting burden this local option tax places on us is an expensive technological challege. The software required to handle the local option tax costs much more than any tax we could actually collect, by far.  Thus, we pay your local option tax for you.  We are not able to collect it in a reasonably achievable way with the currently accessible technology.  

"The town of Brattleboro has adopted a 1.0% local option sales tax which will begin on July 1, 2019. The additional 1.0% local option sales tax will apply to all sales that are subject to the Vermont Sales Tax, currently 6.0%. All exemptions that apply to the sales tax will also apply to the local option tax.

Local option sales tax, like sales tax, is collected on a destination sales basis. The Brattleboro local option sales tax will apply to all taxable sales where the purchaser takes title and/or possession of the goods within the political boundaries of Brattleboro. Vendors located outside of Brattleboro who make deliveries to customers in Brattleboro will be required to collect the Brattleboro local option sales tax."


Directions to Loading Dock for pickups

74 Cotton Mill Hill, Brattleboro, VT 05301. We do not have a store. But you can order online and choose the pick up option. It is very helpful to let us know when you expect to arrive so the can make sure your package is ready for you. We don't like to leave packages on the loading dock for days, though so please let us now approximately when you might be there.

Packages are typically ready within a few hours of when you place the order on business days.


dock doorThe sign above the door says "Loading Dock". During business hours, go inside this door and turn to the right. You will see the door to our storage on the left across from the freight elevator. It is a light natural wood color door. We'll put your package on the cart outside our door.

pick up cart Your order will be on our pick up cart under the GMD Pick Up sign.

If your arrival is on a weekend or after business hours, usually the main door is open. Go to the Main Entrance, pictured below

main entrance

then once you are inside, you have to go through a few doors and meander on back to get to the loading dock area. Look for the cart with the green GMD PICK UP sign above it.

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