Oak and Acorn

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Thirsties exclusive print from Green Mountain Diapers -  SOLD OUT

Green Mountain Diapers is located in the beautiful state of Vermont near the Green Mountain National Forest. You don't have to go into the forest to see deer, squirrels, oak trees and birds. Just open your eyes and look around you at the beauty of the creation. At night, you'll hear the "whooo whooo, who who who whoooo" of the owls.

In the Oak and Acorn print we see animals found in the forest. We also see them when we are out on walks in the countryside.

Expanding on the beloved Thirsties Woodland Collection theme prints, we see the deer in Oak and Acorn coordinates perfectly with the deer on the Woodland print. The warm and cool tones remind you of the Green Mountains. The moss green color of the tiny leaves matches the Thirsties Moss color and the darker green matches Thirsties Meadow Green. The Meadow Green leaves look like little hearts. Notice the little brown Thirsties bird in the print. The cute little Thirsties bird shows up here and also on the Blackbird print. It's not flashy or fancy, but timelessly cute. I hope you like it. Sincerely, Karen.

Natural woodland beauties on a clean and classic white background.

Baby deer and mommy deer

Baby bird and mommy bird

An acorn grows up to be an oak tree

oak and acorn duo size 1 small snap cover oak and acorn 3 months in oak and acorn 15 months size 2 Duo oak and acorn baby pointing in oak and acorn size 2 size small oak and acorn cover on 5 mo 18 mo duo size 2 aio 17 mo 24lb oak and acorn preemienewborn hl oak acorn 6lb size preemie/newborn cover

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