New Cloth Diaper Prints

New limited edition Thirsties for Spring!   Stocking time is April 13 at 11 AM EDT (9 AM mountain)

Meet Tulips and Sunshine.

April is here and the sunshine is back. Spring's first flowers are popping up around here. Whether you're enjoying the emergence of the new season or waiting hopefully for the first signs, here is a fresh look at the newest prints coming soon from Thirsties. Welcome Tulips and Sunshine, Thirsties' new, limited-edition print and solid. These new additions will surely brighten your day!

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Getting ready for Thursday!

limited edition cloth diaper prints stocking

Thirsties new limited edition cloth diaper prints Tulips and Sunshine yellow

 Thirsties tulip print on a baby standing with flowers

Sunshine yellow mini tote bags with skateboard Thirsties Mini Wet Bag in Sunshine. These bags are useful far beyond the diapering years.

Baby wearing Thirsties Sunshine cloth diaper cover showing gusset The perfect gusset design. Effective without being bumpy and bulky. Comfort matters.

Thirsties Duo Wrap size two Thirsties Duo Wrap size Two on the second rise setting. Duo Wrap's two-size system provides a much better fit than a one-size-fits-most style.  One size doesn't really fit all because newborn babies and toddlers are very different sizes and proportions.

baby on a Thirsties Play Pad Thirsties Play Pad in Tulips

baby bib with matching diaper Thirsties Pocket Bib.  Matching is fun and the quality can't be beat.

 baby with skateboard

 baby changing pad and matching wet bag

Limited edition means that when the current stock runs out, they are gone. 

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