Multiple payment methods

Prepaid credit card and using mulitple payment methods:


The trick to using more than one payment method is to use the first card you want to use to purchase a Green Mountain Diapers Gift Card for yourself for the amount of your Visa or other prepaid gift card.  Complete the purchase of the gift card to yourself.  It arrives immediately in your email.  Then you can use that gift card to buy your stuff when you checkout.   This works great! 

GIFT CARDS and AVS Declines:
Your Visa or other gift card will only work if it is registered.  First you must call the telephone number on the back of the card or go online to register the prepaid credit card to your name. This will put the address information in the AVS system, which is needed in order to get an AVS match. Without an AVS match, you cannot order from us. So please register the prepaid credit card before you check out.  AVS is the credit card Address Verification System. 


1. Create a gift card from our site for the amount of your first credit card or prepaid gift card (or any lesser amount if you desire). Prepaid cards must be registered to your zip code to approve.  Simply make the gift card out to yourself with your own email address.  

2. Go to the checkout page on our website with only the gift card in your cart.

3. Select Credit Card for payment method and enter your credit card, Visa or Amex or other already registered prepaid credit card.

4. Once you complete the checkout process you will receive an email with your gift card ID.  

sample cloth diaper gift certificate
5. Then, when you’re ready to place your order, add all of your items to the cart.

6. In the Regular Checkout (not Express Checkout), enter your Gift Card ID (from the email you received) in the Gift card or discount code box and click the submit order button.




cloth diaper gift certificate checkout


7. Our system will then apply the gift card to your order and request payment again for the remaining balance. You can use multiple gift cards, and hit Submit mulitple times as needed.   It will not actually check you out completely until payment in full is acheived, so it is ok to hit Submit.  

8. Select either PayPal or Credit Card to pay the remaining balance to complete the purchase of your items.

This trick of using buying a Gift Card for yourself when you need to use multiple payment methods will work on many websites, not just GMD.  We hope this helps.