Mommys Touch Covers

Mommy's Touch is discontinued.   


Made in USA of USA-made fabric.

mommys touch safari denim diaper cover on baby denim mommys touch

 No wicking. 

mommys touch one size

One-size fits most adjusts from about 6 weeks old to about 35 pounds.

Does any "one-size" product really fit a newborn correctly? In my opinion (Karen), the answer is no. One of my 3 babies was 9 lbs 3 ounces at birth. Even big newborns are newborns. Something that fits a 1 or 2 year old really doesn't fit a newborn, even a big newborn, in my opinion. You can make it work if you need to, though. 

 Mommy's Touch Cover on a 6 month old in Haiti at an orphanage during one of GMD's mission trips, this one was Fall 2009 (this picture was before the earthquake, GMD also went several times after). Mommy's Touch covers are enjoyed at the orphanage because they will fit any baby.


8 weeks old, 11 pounds, shown over an unfastened yellow edge prefold

mommys touch on 12 pound baby 12 pounds, 12 weeks old. It works already, but it will fit better when he's a little bigger. Babies grow quickly!

5 months, 15.5 pounds shown over a red edge prefold

snap diaper wrap medium mommys touch diaper wrap mommys touch cover

safari print diaper cover Small setting

adjustable diaper cover Large setting using one row on outer setting for toddlers with chubby legs.

mommy's touch cover legVery adjustable to get a nice fit on legs

one size diaper wrapMedium setting on 5 month old

red edge prefoldRed edge prefold under the cover shown above and below on 5 month old

mommys touch Use either snapped down or full height when additional rise is desired.  No wet tops of pants will a full height cover!  Shown on a 5 month old over a medium red edge prefold.   

Is this expensive for a cover? Well, think about it. It's TWO full layers of waterproof material, so of course that costs more than one layer. It's not a sandwich PUL but two one-layer PUL layers with the waterproof layer inside. No PUL touches baby, no PUL exposed. This means durability which is needed for a cover that is "one-size" so that it lasts well. The layers are soft and thin, though, so don't worry, it's not bulky yet it is roomy enough inside to fit easily over fitted diapers.  This can be a very good selection, especially if you have 2 in diapers, or prefer a very adjustable snap closure cover. Babies change shape quickly. Sometimes they are larger, chubby and wider at 6-8 months old than they are at 14 months old after they get taller and start walking. This will fit through all the ages, shapes and stages. I really like this cover. Made in the USA and that means something to me. Made of USA material, too.

mommys touch snap safarimommys touch safari 10 months old10 months, 18 pounds

camoflague diaper cover 18 month old, 25 pounds

   6 months old, 18 pounds

Color and print choices:

baby pink     light blue

One size fits about 10 pounds to 30 pounds