Lana Merino Wool Pants

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Plenty of room in the bottom to fit over the fluffiest cloth diaper setup.

lanacare wool pants large on 24 month lana pants on 2 year old Size 1-2 year on a 24 month old, 27 pounds, over a Workhorse size large. 

lana pants 9 months old, 20 pounds size 62. BUT, this one was brand new out of the package unwashed. Wool does shrink a little with washing, so for a 9 month old, I recommend purchasing size 74.

lanacare pants lana wool pants size 62 on 3 month old, shown used as pant over a diaper, cover and clothing.

lana wool 10 months old in size 74 (6-9 months size). Still plenty of room to grow!

wool baby pants Same as above. Comfortable in all positions.

merino wool baby pantsSame as above. Underneath this is a pinned prefold. That's all. During the day at home I like the comfort of not using a cover under this around the house. But for night, going out or for longer times between changing, a cover under it is best.

wool long legs soaker The LANAcare covers also have the same adjustable waistband even though most of the pictures show the older style that did not have the adjustable waistband. The tiny opening to adjust the waistband is on the outside of the waistband so only wool touches baby. A perfect fit - the mom who designed this was thinking!

These are great for EC'ers (EC is elimination communication). Put these on over cotton undies or over cloth training pants and it's really easy up and down for putting baby on the toilet, with much more warmth and protection than split pants.

Use as pants, or use as pajama bottoms over your regular diaper and cover system for nighttime. Great for helping keep the family bed dry.  This is not a diaper cover, but  it is wonderful as pants for baby when going coverless during the day. But be sure to use enough cotton and have it on snugly around the leg to avoid the pee running down the leg. It can be really nice to go coverless.

One warning: you'll love these so much that baby will be in them all the time and you'll almost never get all those other outfits on baby before baby outgrows them. Since wool is "self cleaning" and doesn't need washing often, you can use it over and over again all the time. Since it is nice and roomy over a cloth diapered bottom, it will quickly become your favorite pants, making most of baby's other wardrobe pants obsolete. They make the rest of the regular pants stay in the drawer and never get worn. These fabrics are pricey, but like the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". Enjoy these lovely wool pants which are a pleasure to touch. The cost is in the wool itself, so the larger sizes cost more because they contain more wool.

lana pants Size 62 on a 7 pound 10 ounce 2 week old. Ok, they are gigantic right now, but I think it's cute. Soft and snuggly wool, covered toes because they are too long, and plenty of growing room, so you can get a lot of use out of them. The pants work in car seats. You really need to feel the Lana wools to appreciate them. Wool is so much nicer than icky, sweaty polyester. Wool breathes, so it's cool when hot, and warm when cold. Wool is amazing.

Here is an image of the Lana handwashing and care instructions.


size comparison They run big and they are roomy. As with all wools, they will shrink some with washing and use. This picture was taken new, right out of the package. Measure a pair of sweatpants for baby that you have and compare them to the measurements you see in the picture and expect some shrinkage. I hope this helps.

 Plenty of room in the bottom to fit over the fluffiest cloth diapers.

The sizes run big as you can see from the pictures. But for nighttime pants it is nice to have them big to fit over the night diaper system, yet don't size up because they are already running big.

Size 62 (small - 3-6 months)

Size 74 (medium - 6-9 months)

Size 80 (large - 9-12 months but actually fits larger)

Size 86 (XLarge - 1-2 years but actually fits larger)

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