Kusikuy Alpaca Nighttime Pants

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kusikuy sweater alpaca kusikuy sweater Pants size 2T on an 11 month old baby. See the Kusikuy alpaca sweater.

kusikuy alpaca pants on a babyThe fun of color without any dyes at all. This is Light Brown (Light Brown no longer in stock-our current Brown is darker and thicker).

Why Alpaca? Alpaca is soft and more durable, easier to care for than sheep's wool. It does not need to be lanolized. It's a wonderful fiber for diaper pants. It's warmer than sheep's wool so it's perfect for winter. It's not widely available like sheep's wool, so it's pricey, but it's nice. Great at night but not just for night. They are wonderful daytime pants too. Be warned - you won't want to use regular pants if you have these! Baby will live in these day after day. They are so comfy for baby and for you holding baby. Yes, they are really that amazing and it really is more durable than sheep's wool yet so, so soft. You've got to feel this to understand it. Not to mention that it works as the diaper cover. It's really a wow. 

12 month size on 14 pound baby 14 pound baby in 6 month size

"Oh! These are so amazingly soft! I love them!"


Kusikuy alpaca pants showing shorts inside out This shows the built-in double layer inside. It basically a built-in pair of shorties under a pair of pants. This picture shows the shorts part pulled to inside out so you can see them. This 2 layer is much better than plain one layer pants for diapering. They are sometimes called "night pants" to distinguish them from one layer day pants, but they are great for daytime, too. 

Why alpaca? Alpaca is very easy to care for because lanolizing is optional and you can machine wash it on gentle, lay flat to dry. You can even use your regular detergent (but we still recommend a good woolwash instead). Alpaca is more durable than Merino wool. It lasts for years. Washing is infrequent.

Kusikuy means "make yourself happy" in Quechua, the native Andean language of Bolivia's famed sweater knitters. Kusikuy is eco-ethical. KUSIKUY alpaca fleece is sourced from freerange alpacas that graze in small herds on the natural native grasses of Bolivia's Andes Mountains. They are cared for humanely, allowed to roam freely up mountainsides and then gently led back to family farms where they are corralled and tended to for a short period of time before being left to wander again. Alpacas are valuable for their fiber producing fine quality fiber throughout their entire life. They are deeply honored in the Andean tradition.

Kusikuy alpaca fleece is hand shorn with manual sheers so the animals are not harmed and the fleece is best for spinning. The fleece is then hand washed with a biodegradable detergent especially designed for the Bolivian Altiplano environment. The Alpaca used is "super fine" grade alpaca measured at 25.5 microns. Just 30% of an animal's fleece qualifies for this grade. It is snuggly soft and cozy warm. Yes, it works great as a diaper cover. 100% Fair Trade, carbon neutral, animal friendly, hypo allergenic.

Below is a picture of my 4 year old and some alpacas.

alpaca Alpacas are beautiful animals. They are very easy to fall in love with.


As an example, put an organic cotton Workhorse Fitted diaper underneath this and use the pants as the cover and you'll have a very comfortable, natural fiber setup to enjoy on your cozy baby.

Yes, for real, you really can machine wash these on a very gentle or wool cycle (expect a bit of shrinkage), lay flat to dry, and not bother lanolizing. I still choose to hand wash mine but they do just fine in a very gentle cycle.

Pants are night-worthy, warm and suitable for daywear as your favorite pants, no diaper separate cover needed.

They fit like leggings.

Measurements will vary a little and finish work will vary, too. These really are hand knit on needles so expect variations which is part of the beauty of them.

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