Hook and Loop Definition

What is a hook-and-loop closure?


"Hook-and-loop" fastener is a generic phrase for a closure style. One popular brand name of this is VELCRO® brand. Another popular brand name is Aplix®.

 hook and loop closure open hook and loop on a diaper cover closed

Thus, we have chosen to use the generic name hook-and-loop in most cases, even when the product does indeed use VELCRO® Brand fasteners, as many of the products do. Sometimes a manufacturer changes which brand of hook-and-loop closure they are using so the generic term hook-and-loop helps to keeps things correct. VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V. and they really do monitor the proper use of it's trademarked name. Just like Kleenex® is a brand name of tissues, Velcro® and Aplix® are brand names of hook-and-loop closures.