Babee Greens Growing Greens Newborn Diapers

Organic cotton newborn cloth diapers of the highest quality. Pure cotton thread and soft yet effective leg openings make this cloth diaper the best of the best. It even has an umbilical cord dip snap. When only the purest newborn diapers will do, this is it. Made in USA.

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newborn organic fitted diaper by babee greens 12 pounds, 2.5 months old at the largest setting. At the smallest setting, this diaper fits nicely on a newborn baby and does fit underneath the cord stump because there is a snap to snap the center down to keep the cord area dry

newborn babee greens growing greens NOTE: This is not an economy fitted diaper like the Workhorse which has a straight leg elastic. This has a curved elastic that gently hugs the leg all the way around the leg at the edge of the diaper. This curved elastic sewing style provides the best containment for newborns.

I'd love to have more pictures of this diaper and especially a newborn baby picture with the cord stump for this page to show how it fits on a brand new baby. Send your picture to

newborn organic cotton growing greens babee greens diaper newborn open doubler

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