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Gro Via Hybrid AI2 Diapers

What is an AI2 ?

AI2 is for "all in two". It's the same as a 2 part diaper and cover setup, but the diaper part snaps in.

Grovia shell diaper cover with snap in soaker

Grovia Shell hook and loop petal on a baby PetalGroVia Snap shell on 8 week old 10 pound baby  8 weeks old, 10 pounds,  snap version

 GroVia Snow Series basil snap shell GroVia cloth diaper on a baby

Ballot June and January GroVia shell haze grovia shell on baby chiffon on baby

side view of grovia shell grovia drift shell grovia shell topaz on baby hook and loop diaper cover

grovia hybrid diaper sytem baby in grovia grovia on babygro via on baby

grovia on 21 month old toddlergrovia on toddler 21 months old, 24 pounds. Notice how trim this cover is in the crotch.

A snap in diaper and cover system. The "shell" is a diaper cover which has snaps inside it. The diaper part, called a "soaker pad" has snaps on it too. It snaps to the inside of the diaper cover. You can unsnap the diaper part and snap in another one and re-use the cover part through several changes. It's just like a diaper and cover, but the snaps keep it together to make it more like an all-in-one system. Since it snaps apart for washing, it's called and AI2, or "all-in-two" system. The cover (shell) can also be used with any diaper, such as a prefold, by ignoring the snaps inside the cover. The soaker pad that is made for this cover is best with this cover though because it snaps in. Plus, it has a waterproof back on the back side of the soaker pad. This means that the cover is less likely to get damp quickly, thus you'll be able to re-use the cover through more changes when you use the soaker pads that it is designed to be used with. The soaker pads also have nice built in gussets on them. This helps keep messes contained and also helps keep the inside of the cover (shell) clean through more changes. The words can be confusing, so do note that shell means cover and soaker pad means the absorbent diaper part, that goes in the cover, which is called the shell for this brand.


grobaby wordssize chart

Made in China.

The shell is made of 100% polyester with TPU waterproof layer. (TPU is the same a PUL, just different words for the same kind of fabric made in the same manner.  TPU stands for thermoplastic urethane.  PUL stands for polyurethane laminate but all PUL is actually TPU but it is still called by the common ame PUL even though it is TPU. The words are used interchangably). It is soft. Soaker pad surface and 8 layers of the body of it is organic cotton knit. Note: The small piece on the side of it that forms the leg gusset of the soaker pad is not the same organic cotton fabric as the surface and 8 layers. That gusset piece is 88% polyester/12% cotton. The back of the soaker pad is polyester with TPU waterproof backing. Most of what touches baby is the organic cotton.

Use change outer shell twice a day or so (or more as needed). Change the inner soaker pad as needed. Don't skip the proper prep washes before using.


Preparing Soaker Pads & Boosters

* Wash hot with detergent, tumble dry 5–6 times before use (they will continue to gain absorbency with more washing).

General Washing

* ALWAYS tuck the tabs under the tuck under strips before washing Shells.

* Remove as much solid matter as possible.

* Place soiled shells and soaker pads in a dry diaper pail - No soaking necessary.

* Wash every 2 days on warm or hot (not sanitize) with detergent.

* Hang dry shells (high heat causes excess wear).

* Tumble dry soaker pads and boosters.


* Do NOT use fabric softeners or water repellant diaper creams

Choose snap closure or hook and loop closure.

Prefolds in GroVia Shells work nicely together

what size prefold fits in a grovia shell small yellow edge prefold We are often asked what size prefold fits in this shell. Newborn orange edge fits at first and then the small yellow edge works well. This is a trim cover so I don't recommend medium red edge it. Even older babies usually do well with yellow edge in this shell. Add a small doubler if more absorbency is needed for older babies instead of using medium prefold. One-size Birdseye Flat diapers are wonderful in these shells.

The rise fabric should be folded up, not down.

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Grovia Shell Snap

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Grovia Shell H/L

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