Flip Potty Training Kit

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Flip potty training pant

flip training pant on 15  flip trainer on a baby Albert print on 15.5 month old who is 27 pounds. This will still fit him next year when he is older and taller.

patch flip potty trainer picture on toddler lowest rise setting on a 21 month old who is 27 pounds, with one Flip Trainer Pad inside it.


trainer kit 3 pads diagram of trainer size diagram

Flip one-size waterproof shell with removable stretchy side panels creates a comfortable fit, while the replaceable organic cotton pads let your little one learn by feeling wetness. Now your child can pull them up and down when it’s time to go, or you can unsnap the side, making messy changes less messy.

Washing Instructions Before First Use:For cotton products, wash hot (100F/40C) 3-5 times. Use: Do not use rash creams. Dirty Storage: Store in dry pail/bin. Wash: Wash darks separately. Pre-wash cold. Wash hot (100F/40C). Extra rinse. No laundry additives. Line dry pant. Tumble dry pad. No fabric softeners. Use ¼ cup or 60 mL bleach in the hot wash once per month.

Notes from Karen:

Keep in mind that this is intended to be a trainer, not a diaper. That means that it is not realistic to expect this to work as a full-blown diaper or overnight diaper. (Yet I have had some customers use it successfully overnight but that will really depend on the individual.) If you want to make it do that, you'll need to add extra absorbency and maybe it might work or maybe not. But keep in mind that it's intended use is as a trainer, not a diaper. You'll see some negative reviews if you look around online, but that is because the revievers had very unrealistic expectations and did not understand cotton diapering and the need to have a lot of absorbency to make it overnight. A trainer is a trainer. That means you need to change it if the child does not make it to the potty. So, for it's intended use, it really works wonderfully! It's trim. It's fully waterproof. It pulls up and down. Older kids accept it because it's trim, comfy and attractive. You can change out the cotton pad inside and re-use the waterproof outer if the child pees in it instead of the potty. The child will feel the wetness and learn.

Now after my speech about it being a trainer not a diaper, I'll say the opposite. You actually can use it as a diaper and cover system, especially on a younger baby. The weight recommendation starts at 20 pounds but depending on shape you may be able to use this sooner. You can use the velcro-style organic cotton pads that come with the kit or you can put a prefold or flat diaper in it. You can use it very much like any other cover for pad-folding. Because of the stretchy fabric on the sides, do not use it over a fitted diaper. It really can work as a nice, comfortable daytime diaper cover. It's also nice for EC (elimination communication) because it pulls up and down, but will still work for carseat protection.

The cover is an exposed PUL cover (polyester knit with exposed polyurethane laminate inside), similar to the Flip or Thirsties or many other brands of diaper covers called "exposed PUL" or "wipe-clean interior".

It is narrower and trimmer than a regular diaper cover, so you won't be able to add a doubler to it if you use it with prefolds. One prefold will fill it up completely. Of course the prefold won't have the stay-put loop on it like the cotton pads that come with it do, yet the prefolds that you already have will help you get more use from the shell and they'll stay in ok-enough. I like things that are comfortable for baby and cotton inside. This fits the bill for me! It's really trim, too. Stretchy sides are comfy and the flaps and trimness helps keep most of the exposed PUL inside hidden. It's too trim to really be a "regular" cover, but it could really be worth a try from a much younger than training age (if the child has a round-ish bottom - it might fall down on a "flat-bottom" or narrow hips - shape matters) as long as you understand what it is and how trim cotton diapers work so your expectations are realistic. Best for frequent changers since you can't overstuff it. For daytime use. I have had customers tell me that they do work overnight but needs vary so know your child's needs. I think it might work overnight for a very light wetter if you added extra absorbency, so I don't recommend it for overnight.

The trainer with 1 cotton pad that comes with the kit. It is thin, very soft and very trim and it is held in place with soft hook and loop attachments.

inside with pad inside

For extra inserts, prefolds could be used. Prefolds are bulkier and they don't have the loop on them but they seem to stay in place well enough.   A small yellow edge Cloth-eez prefold works in Flip trainer at the smallest setting. Medium red edge works at the largest setting.

    The stretchy sides color is the second color listed.

albert trainer kit   twilight sassy flip potty trainer kit

This page is for the KIT. The Kit includes 1 training pant with stretchy sides and 3 organic cotton pads. You remove the pad and place a fresh pad inside through a few wet accident changes. The pad is held in place with soft hook and loop closures. Additional pads are sold separately. The shell only is sold separately but currently unavailable.

 3 pads come with the kit.

Items Included: 1 training pant and 3 organic cotton pads.

One-size fits most from about 20 pounds and up